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How to import data from Basecamp


You can now easily import your To-do Lists from Basecamp into monday.com with one click!

Note: This import will only work with Basecamp Version 3 and not with previous versions. 


Import your data

Go to your profile picture at the upper right corner of your screen and click on "Import data".



Select Basecamp from the list of options.


You can then connect your Basecamp account to monday.com. 


You will then be prompted to log into Basecamp and click "Next". If you agree to grant monday.com access to your Basecamp account, click "yes, I'll allow access" in the following page. 



Once you authorize monday.com to transfer your Project from Basecamp, you can select the connected account that you wish to import from. Then the projects from which you would like to populate your board:



Now, you can see all of your To-dos from Basecamp on your new monday.com board, including a Basecamp To-dos Column with a link directly to your Basecamp project!



You will also notice an integration has been added. This will add an item to your board each time a To-do is added to your project so your board will stay up to date.


To learn more about the Basecamp Integration, check out this article.



  • Basecamp Versions - This import will only work with Basecamp Version 3 and not with previous versions. 
  • List description - The list's description will not appear on your monday.com board.
  • Comments - While notes will import into the Updates Section, comments are not currently supported.
  • Groups - If you have a list with groups, the groups will not appear when you import your list to monday.com. All items in the To-Do list, however, will import under the list's title. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.