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PagerDuty Integration


Do you use PagerDuty for emergency notifications and need a way to track it in your monday.com account? Integrate your PagerDuty account directly with monday.com to automate your workflow!  

How to add the integration? 

Step 1
To add an Integration, go to the board that you want to create an Integration for and click on the Integration button, located on the upper right of your screen as below: 
Once on the page, you will see all of the amazing apps we offer to integrate with, then go ahead and select "PagerDuty": 
Step 2
You'll then see the PagerDuty menu. Click on the integration recipe. The bolded portions of the recipe are areas that you can customize. 
Step 3
You'll now need to enter your PagerDuty API Token, which you'll generate from your PagerDuty account:

How to get/create a PagerDuty API token?

Step 1

When in PagerDuty, go to the Configuration Menu > API Access and select the big, green "Create New API Key" button.


Step 2

Type in a description for your API Key to separate it from others you might create. We called ours "monday" to signify it is for our integration with monday.com.



Step 3

Now you've got yourself an API Key for your PagerDuty Account!


Copy this API Key and paste it into the monday.com screen. 


Step 4

Now comes the fun! Click on each underlined item to customize the integration recipe. First, you'll need to select which PagerDuty service you want to create an item from:


Tip: You can create multiple integrations--enough for all of your services!


Step 5

You can now fully customize which data to pull from PagerDuty into monday.com columns! The columns will be based on which columns are on your board—feel free to customize them according to your workflow.



Step 6

After setting up your first integration, you will have the option to invite relevant members from your PagerDuty account to be on your monday.com account, if they aren't already.


Once you've got integrations set for all of your incidents and groups set for all of your services, your PagerDuty board will be complete!




Supported Fields for Mapping from PagerDuty to Monday.com

Currently, the following fields are supported for mapping between PagerDuty and monday.com: incident status, incident urgency, incident assignee, incident title, incident description, incident creation date, incident key, incident service, incident number, name, text, numeric, integration data, date and user email. 


How to delete it?

You can turn off and/or delete your integration in the integrations menu- 


You can also edit the integration (the pencil icon) or the PagerDuty account (the plug icon) that you want to connect it to in case you change your mind later!


More assistance

If you need help building custom integrations, we also have an option for paid assistance through our network of certified monday.com partners. If you're interested, please fill out this form and someone will be in touch shortly!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!