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Clearbit integration



Working in the Sales field? Customer-relationship management? What about headhunting and HR? Or are you just collecting Business cards?

Are you looking to pull Lead, Company, or Candidate data into your monday.com account? With the Clearbit integration, you can enrich your account with necessary data for company growth. 


Adding the integration to your workflow

Step 1- Integration Center

To add an Integration, go to the board you want to create an Integration for and click on the Integration button, located on the upper right of your screen as below: 
Group_7__1_.pngOnce you've opened the integrations page, you'll see all the wonderful apps with which we integrate :) Go ahead and click "Clearbit".



Step 2- Clearbit integration recipes 

Now you can choose one of the two different recipes we offer to enrich your database and contacts. One of the integrations will pull personal profile data based on a user's email address and the other will pull Company data about the company at which the person is working. 

Select one of the two integrations to get started.



Step 3 - Connect your Clearbit account

Connect your Clearbit account by adding your Clearbit API key. Looking to create a new Clearbit account? Just click on "new account" and you will be redirected to Clearbit.


After Signing up with your email address and password, you will be able to find your API key from Clearbit's left panel. Copy the API token and paste it in the applicable field on your monday.com account.


Step 4 - Mapping the connection

After choosing the relevant recipe and inputting your Clearbit credentials, now it's time to map the information you want to import to your account based off your board structure:


You're set! It's that easy 🎉 Now lean back and let the platform do its magic: 



How to implement Clearbit into your workflow?

  • Boost your form workflow 

Are you using Forms to generate your leads and contacts into your monday.com account? You can now set the Clearbit integration to fill the rest of the relevant columns based on the email address you got from the user on the form itself. 

  • Creating a DataBase

With the simplicity and customization capabilities the platform offers, you can create your own databases based on your relevant needs (Leads, Companies, Candidates). 

  • Enhance your CRM workflow 

With our amazing option to connect boards, using our "Link to item column", you can now show your database pulse card (of an employee or a company) on your monday.com CRM board. 


Note: Want more ideas for how to integrate monday.com with other platforms? Check out this article: monday.com Integrations


More assistance

If you need help building custom integrations, we also have an option for paid assistance through our network of certified monday.com partners. You can consult and hire their services directly through our professional services online store.



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.