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The playlist widget

Nietzsche once said, “without music, life would be a mistake.” This rings true for us! This is why we have created the playlist widget. Enjoy listening to your favorite tunes directly from your dashboard 🎶




How to add it? 

Click on "Add New" at the top of the dashboard page or click on the + sign in a blank widget. From the drop down list, click "more". 


Once in the dashboard center, select "Playlist".



How does it work?

Once the widget added, you will need to add the link of the playlist or song you'd like to be displayed. It can be from Deezer, Spotify or just any playlist. In this example, I want to add my "work playlist" from Deezer in my dashboard. 


Step 1

Open your Deezer playlist and click on the share icon right below the title: 



Step 2

Copy the link of your playlist.


Step 3

Paste this link in the widget



Once done, you will see your song or playlist displaying on your dashboard and enjoy playing your favorite tunes right from monday.com 😊

If you have any further questions about board types, please feel free to contact Customer Success at [email protected]