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monday workflows: delay block


Who can use this feature:
Available for Pro and Enterprise users only

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If you've been using monday workflows, you're already enjoying the benefits of automations and integrations that transform your productivity. Have you ever wished you could pause in between steps of your workflow for a set amount of time? Well now you can, with the "delay" action block! 🎉

You can choose from a wide variety of actionss once you select "delay", creating a flexible workflow timing schedule that works for you. 

What are the benefits of workflow delays?

Workflow delays are a great option for business processes managed by large organizations dealing with complex workflows, but are also an amazing feature for smaller businesses who are using automations and want further customization as well. Let's take a closer look 🔎

Note: This feature exists only in monday workflows and cannot be found in the custom Automation builder


Where to access the workflow delay block

To access the workflow delay action block, first open the workflow you are working on by clicking on the Workflow center icon on the navigation bar on the top left corner of your monday screen. Then open up the workflow you want to edit, or create a new workflow by selecting the "Create workflow" button.Group 59.png

Once you've opened up your workflow, you can already implement workflow delays for whichever step you'd like to delay.

Implementing workflow delays

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Let's say that after creating an item, you want to send an email to the person assigned to the task, but you want to wait a day in order to make sure all of the information needed has been gathered. You can easily do this by clicking on the plus sign icon and then selecting "delay" from the dropdown menu as below:Untitled design (23).gif

Once you've selected the delay action, you can customize your workflow delay as you wish. Choose how long you want your delay to be, ranging from minutes, hours, to days. Then select what time the next action will take place. You can add a delay action at any stage of your workflow after the initial trigger has been set up.Untitled design (24).gif

Lastly, it's time to set up the next action in your workflow, which will be the one affected by the delay. That's it! You're ready to set up your delays.Group 56.png



  • What is the time limit for delays?

You can wait up to 400 days in between workflow steps with the "delay" feature! Need more time? Let us know by contacting us here.

  • How many workflow runs can wait simultaneously?

You can run up to 1000 delayed actions per workflow. Need more? Once again, let us know! 

Note: As of now, if you make any changes to your workflow, all of the existing delayed workflow runs will be terminated.


Coming soon

While adding a workflow delay is already a great new addition, we'll be creating even more options to help you maximize your workflows. Here's what's on deck:

  • Adding the ability for Run History to show you waiting workflow actions and allowing you to cancel them individually
  • More options including waiting for a button to be clicked, a status change, and more
  • As of now, when you check Run History, you'll see your workflow listed as "in progress," but we're working on providing even more detailed information to be displayed here

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.