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The monday.com expert catalog

Are you looking to boost your workflows and expand the way your organization uses monday.com? Well, you're in luck! We're excited to introduce the new expert catalog which allows you to find and engage with monday.com certified experts and consultants who offer paid assistance to help you make the most of monday.com.

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Benefits of hiring an expert

While we strive to make monday.com as intuitive as possible to use, sometimes a little assistance can go a long way so that you can really make the most of our software! By working with our experts, you can ensure that monday.com is tailored in the best way to suit you and your team's needs by allowing you to:

  • Supercharge your use of monday.com. Optimize your workflows so that all your processes can run as smoothly as can be, and so that you can extract all the value you can from our platform.
  • Build out custom-made workflows that are unique to the needs of your own organization and solve your specific business needs.
  • Work more efficiently. Get help to automate tasks and reduce the manual work you have to do so that you and your team can focus on the work that really counts. 
  • And much more!


Locate and browse the catalog

The monday.com expert catalog can be accessed through this link. Once there, you can browse and explore through our monday.com experts, or use the left pane to filter according to your needs. You can filter the results according to the service type, location, language, and price range to ensure you get connected with the consultant that is most relevant to you.



Services offered

Using the expert catalog, you can make the most of a wide range of services that we offer including:

  • Workflow implementation: Build a process or workflow that fits your organization’s needs
  • Onboarding and training: Get personalized guidance on operating & maximizing monday.com based on your needs
  • Sales CRM implementation: Learn how to operate and maximize our monday sales CRM platform
  • Data transfer: Migrate your data seamlessly from your previous project management software
  • Platform integration: Connect monday.com with your other business tools (Slack, Google, etc.)
  • Other specialized projects to fit your needs


Contact your chosen expert

To learn more in depth about an expert and the services that they provide, click on the expert's card. Here you can read more about them, see any certifications they may have, and discover their services and rates. Additionally, when scrolling down you'll find a carousel of testimonies that their past customers provided!



Once you've found the exact expert that you are looking for, you can click on "Message" or "Book" to consult with them on any questions you may have, or to book your first meeting and get started right away!

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Frequently asked questions

Are monday.com experts employees of monday.com?

No. Our experts are certified partners who provide professional services. They are not monday.com employees and/or representatives of monday.com.


How do I hire a monday.com expert?

The process of hiring an expert is quite simple. Log in to the expert catalog and browse relevant experts who provide the services you are looking for. Through the catalog, you can schedule a free consultation call or chat with experts until you’re ready to hire one and get to work.


How much does it cost to hire a monday.com consultant?

Rates vary per consultant. When discussing your project with our experts, you will receive a quote for the specific project you are interested in. 


What does it mean to be a monday.com certified expert and consultant?

The monday.com specialists have extensive experience and knowledge of the monday.com platform. We have recognized them as authorized experts that are able to provide guidance and assistance to businesses regarding their use of monday.com.


Can a monday.com expert rebuild your existing monday.com system?

Of course. Our experts are available to help you build the monday.com workflow and system that suits your business needs. Experts are available not only to build the system but to provide guidance and advice about best practices and how to get the most out of monday.com.


Which industries can monday.com experts work with?

Any and all! Our experts have experience working with a wide range of industries. 


How long does the process of working with an expert take?

The timeline for your project with an expert depends on what you’re looking for, how complicated the setup is, and more. Our experts work on small projects that take a few hours to larger projects that can take days or weeks. All of this information will be provided by the expert you choose before you get started. 


What happens if I want a service that isn’t offered?

Not an issue! Our experts are available to discuss your specific needs and create a plan suited for your business. 


How does the building process work?

After discussing the scope of your project and accepting the price quote, you and your expert will get to work. This includes meetings that discuss your needs and rounds of revisions and training on how to use your new setup. 


When do I need to pay the expert?

Our experts each have their own payment preferences and schedules. When choosing an expert and receiving a quote, you’ll decide the right payment timeline.




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.