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CRM Data enrichment app


Who can use this feature:
This feature is in BETA; access is available to a limited number of accounts
Available on monday sales CRM accounts using Standard or Pro. Coming soon to Enterprise.


The more you know about an account, the more likely you are to retain their business. That's the idea behind the new CRM app, Data enrichment powered by Crunchbase. We've partnered with Crunchbase to incorporate their incomparable data reserves with our CRM. Read on to learn about how you can harness this power for your team! ⚡️



How it works

Set up

If you're new to monday sales CRM, you don't need to do anything to set up CRM Data enrichment. The CRM Data Enrichment app will be active on your Accounts board when you create it.

If you've been using monday sales CRM for a while (prior to December 2023) and your Account board is already established, jump ahead to the "Instructions for existing accounts" section to learn more about how to access this app.


The CRM Data enrichment app relies on an integration recipe that is automatically set up when your Accounts board is created.

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Each run will use one (1) action. You can take a look at the integration by visiting the Automations center and opening the second tab, Board automations.

Powered by Crunchbase

monday sales CRM and Crunchbase have partnered to deliver best-in-class data for your team. Our partnership gives you the power to research less and sell more.

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Note: You do not need a Crunchbase account to use this app.




There are a few requirements that must be met in order for the app to work effectively.

Your plan 

Because this app relies on Automations/Integrations, your account must be subscribed to a Standard or Pro plan. The app will soon be available on the Enterprise plan.

Board structure

For data enrichment to work, you must have a domain column on your Accounts board.



How to use it

This app is simple to use. If you're new to monday sales CRM, you don't need anything other than the company's domain!

Account domain

This app pulls in data from Crunchbase using the company's domain. You must input a valid company URL to pull in the correct data. For example, if you input https://www.monday.com, you'll learn all about us! But if you just enter monday.com or www.nonday.com, you won't find what you're looking for.

Watch it work!

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Turn off Data enrichment

You can turn off CRM Data enrichment by visiting the Automations center on your board:

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Open the second tab to view the recipes applied to your board:

Frame 12 (1).png

And toggle the automation "Off" to turn off CRM Data enrichment:

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  • This app has a lifetime limitation; you can only enrich the data for 1,000 items. Only successful runs will count towards this limitation. So use your power wisely!
  • Each run will use one (1) action.
  • The app requires an exact match. If there's a typo or the domain is incorrect, the app will not pull any information in from Crunchbase.
  • The app will only enrich empty columns. The app does not overwrite data. For example, if you or a team member wrote "10" in the "No.of employees" column, when you enter the domain, the "No. of employees" column will not update.
  • If a column is hidden or deleted, the app will not write data into that column.



Instructions for existing accounts

If you're an existing monday sales CRM user and you want to use the CRM Data enrichment app on an existing Accounts board, please reach out to our Support team for assistance.

If you would like to use the CRM Data enrichment app and you don't mind working with a new Accounts board, you can add a new "Accounts" template to your workspace to begin using data enrichment.



About Crunchbase

Information is power! And that power is brought to you by our partnership with Crunchbase. ✨ You don't need a Crunchbase account to use this feature.

This is just the beginning of our partnership! If you'd like to see more ways to integrate monday.com with Crunchbase in the future, please reach out to our Support team and let us know what you have in mind. 




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.