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The WorkCanvas hierarchy



Wanting to structure your WorkCanvas account to suit the needs of all members? We have you covered 🫡

This article will cover the structural hierarchy of WorkCanvas, ensuring you have all the information you need to keep your WorkCanvas account organized and productivity flowing throughout.


The home page

The home page is where admins can add members to their account by clicking on the blue "Invite Members" button in the top right-hand corner. Once added, members can create canvases and projects on the home page, see all teammates on the account, create their own teams, and toggle between the different teams they belong to.

All members added to the account will automatically have access to the home page. This is the starting point for members to work from.

Canvas Add Member to Account.png


Note: Only admins of the account can add new members. Read more about WorkCanvas account administration to learn all about the various permissions on your WorkCanvas.


The Team  

Teams can help you organize the people on your WorkCanvas account more efficiently. A team can be a department, a team working on a specific project, or anything else you may need. You can create a team from within the home page and each team will then have their own space on which they can create canvases and projects.

All members on an account can create a team. To add a team go to the panel on the top left-hand side of the home page, click on the team name and select the "Create new team" button. You can then title your team and add members of the account to that team.

Canvas Create New Team.gif


Note: Canvases created in a team space will not appear elsewhere. To access the canvases and projects created by a team, choose the team toggle from the home page by clicking the team name that you wish to view. Only teams you belong to will appear.


You can see all teammates added to your team on the bottom of the panel, to the left of your home page.

Canvas see Teammates.png


Note: For more information on using WorkCanvas to collaborate with your team, read our article Team Collaboration with WorkCanvas.


The Project

A project is a collection of canvases on the home page. Projects make it easier to organize, find, and share your canvases. In the left-hand panel of your home page under the ‘Teams’ section you can create and manage projects. 

Select the ‘+’ icon next to "Projects". From here, you can title your project, invite team members and add existing canvases that you own, to start working together on that project. 

Canvas Create Project.gif


The project will only be displayed on the WorkCanvas home page that they are created on. The list of projects can be seen on the panel to the left of your home page. By clicking on the project, all canvases in that project will be pulled up on the home page.

Canvas List of Projects.png

The Canvas

A canvas is where the magic happens! You can create multiple canvases to design charts, build mind maps or produce visuals for a task. You can choose to begin by creating your own canvas from scratch, or selecting one of the many WorkCanvas templates, predesigned to meet your project's needs!

  • New canvas

To open up a blank canvas, select "New Canvas" from under "Create a new canvas" on your home page. 

Canvas Add New (Purple).png


Tip: You are able to input a template from within your blank canvas, giving you the freedom to create and design your own canvas, as well as include preexisting templates within that canvas. 


  • WorkCanvas templates 

To view all the available WorkCanvas templates, select "Template library" from the panel on the left-hand side of your home page. By hovering over a template you can choose to either "Preview" that template, or choose to "Use Template".

Canvas Add Templates.gif

Once you have opened your desired canvas, you can begin customization. Read more about all the customizable features and tools to build-out your canvas!

Note: Adding Guests to a canvas or managing teammates permissions within a canvas will depend on your user management permissions



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.