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Team collaboration with WorkCanvas



WorkCanvas understands the importance and potential when it comes to team collaboration. For this reason, the product is designed to enhance and simplify communication across teams and projects! 🤝

This article will highlight the specific tools and features available on WorkCanvas that can be utilized for team communication and collaboration.

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Add and manage your team

Being a collaborative workspace, you can create different teams on your WorkCanvas to promote productivity and structure. Teams have separate toggles dedicated to specific departments or groups within your account. Teams can be added from the home page.  

On your home page select the arrow on the left-hand panel next to the team name to see and access the teams you belong to. To create a team, select "Create new team". From there you can title the team and invite teammates to join.

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Note: For more information on members permissions in teams, read our article on WorkCanvas permissions and settings


As a team owner, you can easily delete a team that you no longer need. To delete a team, click on the three dots next to the team name and select "Delete" from the dropdown menu that appears. 

WC- Delete Team.png


Tip: As the owner of a team, you can also leave the team without deleting it by selecting "Leave" from the dropdown menu. The first person that was added to the team then becomes the owner of that team. 


Create and assign tasks

Tasks are a great way to delegate work amongst team members and ensure a distribution of workload. They also assist in keeping track of each members roles and responsibilities on your canvas.

To create a task, click on the "Task" icon in the Toolbar on the left-hand side of your canvas. You can then click on the area of your canvas you would like to insert the task. By selecting the expand arrow icon in the top right-hand corner of the task, you can edit the task. 

Canvas Assign Task.gif


Once the task is created, you can link the task to another item on the board for specific reference. Click on the task box and select the arrow icon on the side of the task box. Once the arrow is created, you can drag the arrow to meet another item on the canvas.

Canvas Task Link.gif

When the task and item are connected, you can drag the task anywhere on the canvas and it will remain attached to that item.


Note: When you click on your task box an edit menu will appear. From here you can add a comment, lock the task to disable changes, or select the three dots for further editing options.


Leave Comments for your team

Another effective way to communicate with your team on the canvas is to utilize the Comments feature. You can comment on the progress of an item, leave feedback, ask questions and give positive reinforcement!

To add a comment using the "Comment" tool, click on the tool from your toolbar on the left-hand side of your canvas. From there you can drop the comment box anywhere on your canvas, type your comment in the text-box and type "@" to bring up a list of teammates to tag in the comment.

Canvas Comment Tool.png


By selecting any item on the canvas, you can also leave a comment attached to that specific item for either the whole team to see, or mention specific members. To access this comment feature, select the item you would like to comment on and select the comment icon from the edit menu that appears.

Canvas Add Comment.png

At any point in time you can click on the blue comment bubbles on your canvas to see the thread of comments in that chat. By selecting the three dots at the top of the comment box you will find further options to share the comment via email, unsubscribe from the comment or resolve the comment.


Video call your team

Need to check in with your team in a video conference call, but don't want to swap between different applications? With WorkCanvas you can conduct remote collaboration sessions with our built-in video chat, helping to keep all your teammates in the loop right there on your canvas.

To start a video chat, select the Video icon on the bottom panel of your canvas. All team members on the canvas will be added to the video chat.

Canvas Video Call.png


Note: The video call will open up a window on your canvas. This ensures you have easy access and visibility of you canvas to make quick references, changes or comments.


Vote on specific items

The Vote feature is a great way to create consensus on ideas or provide your team with a space to give their opinion. Through this feature, your team will have a window of time to vote on specific items on your canvas.

To begin a Vote, select the thumbs-up icon on the bottom panel of your canvas. Once selected, a new panel will open to the right of your canvas. You can title the vote with a specific question or statement and select how many times, and how many items, each member can vote on.

Canvas Start Vote.png

Once the vote begins, each teammate will be able to select an item on the canvas by clicking on the blue "+" icon on that item. Once they have selected all their choices, they can click the "I'm done" button in the voting panel. This will secure their votes until the session ends.

Canvas Active Vote (1).gif


Note: The person who begins the vote can also end the vote before five minutes are up, by clicking on the "End for all" button at the bottom of the voting panel.


Once the voting session is done, the results of that vote will automatically appear in the voting panel. To see results from all previous voting sessions, select the "Results" tab at the top of the voting panel. You can then select whichever voting session you would like to look at from the list of voting sessions that have been conducted.  

Canvas Voting Results.png


Tip: You can conduct a voting session live over video chat from within your canvas. That way you and your team can discuss the voting question and the results as they come in.


Integrate with monday.com boards

If your WorkCanvas account is linked to your monday.com account, the opportunities are endless in terms of collaborating with your team and maintaining productivity across the two platforms. With this integration, all users who have active monday.com accounts and boards will be able to create a two-way sync between their monday boards and WorkCanvases. 

Canvas Add from monday New.png

Note: For more information on utilizing monday.com with your WorkCanvas account, read our article on integrating WorkCanvas with you monday boards.



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.