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Emails & Activities: sharing and privacy


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With Emails & Activities, you can fully control which of your team members will be able to view or write emails from your connected email account! Read on to learn how. 🔐


Change your settings

To access this functionality, click into the Emails & Activities settings and open the "Email account setup & privacy" section. Next, click on the three-dot menu to the right of the connected email and select "Share options":
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Note: Although these settings are found inside Emails & Activities and are accessible from items, they will take effect on all boards across the account.


Customizing privacy

From here, you can add various people or teams which will have access to your connected email account. Once you've added the relevant people, you can customize the share settings that each of them will have by clicking into the drop-down menu to the right of their name and deciding from one of two share options:
  1. View only. All users will be limited to viewing.
  2. Read & write. If you choose "Read & write", this permission only applies to users who have access to monday CRM. All other users in your account will be limited to view only. This permission setting is only available for Pro and Enterprise monday CRM accounts.



At the bottom of the share access screen, you can also decide the share option which everyone else on the account will have (aside from the specific people or teams that you've added above): 

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Show me what each share option means 
  • View only: Team members will only be able to view email activities, without being able to write emails using the connected email account.
  • Read & write: Team members will be able to view and write email activities using the connected email account.
  • Cannot view: Team members will not be able to view or write any email activities using the connected email account. Emails that were sent or received from this account  won’t be displayed on the app’s timeline for users that can’t view them.


View for restricted members

In case there are permissions set which prevent a team member from seeing an email activity, they'll see the message below displayed within the Emails & Activities app timeline:

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How to switch senders

When multiple email addresses are available for you to use with Emails & Activities, you can switch between email addresses within the email composer. In the top right corner, open the dropdown menu to view your options and select the email address that you want to use:
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If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.