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Create contacts automatically


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Who can use this feature:
monday sales CRM only


Now it's easier than ever to create a new contact from emails sent via monday sales CRM. With a simple adjustment to your Emails & Activities settings, you won't have to create a contact for a new lead, partner, or client again. Let monday do the work for you!


How it works

By changing this setting, you can begin to automatically record the names and email addresses of new contacts when you send an email to them. You can choose where to create these contacts in your monday sales CRM.

Create contacts in monday and from your email client

Emails will be logged in two ways:

  1. New contacts will be created from emails sent in monday sales CRM.
  2. New contacts will be created from emails sent in your email client (i.e. Gmail or Outlook).

If you have multiple email inboxes connected, you can choose to only set up automatic contact creation for specific email connections. Any changes you make will apply across the entire account.


Note: To avoid duplicates, the app will only create a contact for any emails sent via items created after you change your settings.


Change your settings

You can get set up in five simple steps!

1. First, open the Emails & Activities app from any item on your board. You may experience the most benefit from this feature on your Contacts or Leads boards.

2. Select the gear icon to open the settings menu.


3. Once in the settings, open the dropdown under "Email account setup and privacy". There, find the email address you want to manage and click on the three dots on the far right to open the settings menu for that connection. Choose "Automatic contact creation" to adjust your options:


4. To log outgoing emails, tick the box to the left of "Create a contact when you send an email to someone new" in the pop-up window:


In this window, you can also designate where the new contacts will be stored on your board. Select your chosen board from the "Board" dropdown and your chosen email column from the "Email column" dropdown.

5. Now, when an email from a new contact goes out, it'll show up just where you want it!



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.