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How to change your account URL and name


Your company changed its name? Don't worry, you can customize your URL and your monday.com account name at anytime. Keep reading to find out how. 👇

Note: This functionality is only accessible for the admins of the account.


Changing the account URL

To change your account URL, click on your profile picture at the top right of your screen and choose "Administration":

Group 1 - 2023-08-14T172404.982.png


Next, go to the "General" section under the "Profile" tab. From there, you will see a section titled "Account URL (Web Address)".Group 33 (1).png


Change your existing account URL to your desired new URL and then click "Save changes" to validate it. Once complete, all account users will be notified of this new change and will need to log in again using the new URL!

Once you change the account web address, the old web address will redirect to the new one for 30 days. This means that you will not be able to use the old web address for another account (unless you clear the old URL) until the 30 days have passed.

Note: If you get an error stating that the URL is already taken, you may still be able to use it if the account in question is long expired. You can reach out to our support team for further assistance in this case!


Changing URL when SSO (single sign-on) is active

If you have SSO enabled on your account, to change your account URL (also known as subdomain) you'll follow the same steps as above to change your account URL, with the addition of an extra step within your own identity provider. 

Step 1: Change your account URL in your monday.com account

First, change the URL of your account from within monday.com:Group 33 (1).png


Step 2: Update the new account URL in your identity provider

After completing step number one, you will then need to update your new account URL (subdomain) in your identity provider in the SSO configuration page within the application.

This step will differ between each separate identity provider, so make sure that the URL is updated in all of the places that it is mentioned in the monday.com application inside the identity provider!

Note: If step two is completed immediately after step one, there shouldn't be any downtime for the account. However, if step two isn't done immediately, users won't be able to log into monday.com until the new URL is properly updated in the identity provider.


Clear your old URL

As mentioned earlier, once you change your account URL, the previous account URL that you had will not be available for anyone to use until it has been cleared. Therefore, if you'd like to use the previous account URL for another account of yours, or you would just like to make it available for anyone else to use, you can click on "Clear old URL" as below.Group 34.png


Keep in mind, if you've created a new account and you are looking to use the old URL from another account of yours, you will not be able to do so until you clear that old URL from your previous account. In this case, simply log onto your other account and click on "Clear old URL" as above, and you can then use the desired URL for your new account. 

Do note, If an account URL which has been changed still has not been cleared, you'll be redirected to your current account when trying to use that old URL. Therefore, check out the tip below to see how you can check whether an old URL has been cleared or not. ⬇️

Tip: To check if an old account URL still has not been cleared, simply type it into the web browser and see if it redirects you to your current account URL. If this is the case, you must follow the steps to clear the URL in order to use it for another account!


Changing the account name

To change the name of your account, begin by clicking on your profile picture at the top right of your screen and choose "Administration" from the resulting menu.

Group 1 - 2023-08-14T172404.982.png


In the "General" section under the "Profile" tab, you will see the "Account Name" section as below. Group 35 (1).png


Change the current name of the account to the new desired name and then click "Save changes" to validate it. 




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.