Is there an iPhone, iPad, tablet and/or Android mobile app?

Yes, we do for both iPhone and Android phones :) 

Step 1: Click on your profile picture and select "get Monday Mobile App"


Step 2: Add your phone number in the field. 


You will then receive a text message directly on this number with the link the download the app. You can also find our mobile app directly on the Apple Store or Google Play. 

iPhone and iPad app

You can find us in The Apple Store under the name 

Android app and Tablet

You can find us in Google Play under the name

We also have a desktop app for both Windows and Mac! For more details, check out this articleWe have created a dedicated section in our knowledge base for the mobile app that you can find right here.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer success team at



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    Artiom Tcaciov

    What's the name of the app in iTunes?
    Couldn't find it