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How to build a task board


A task board is a hub for all of your personal or team-wide tasks! It can be used to manage your time or your team! You can create a task board to collect all of the tasks for one project, or a task board to manage daily and weekly tasks. It also can be used as a simple to-do list as well! Task boards are really helpful for you to keep organized and make sure that you are completing all of the things that you need to get done!  


How to build a task board

There are endless ways to build a task board for any purpose you want to use it for, but we'll take a look at a few examples in this guide! Let's build a weekly to-do list together!

  • Create your board

The first step is to create a blank board. You can use any of the templates in our template store, but we're going to "Start from scratch" here so that we can build it exactly the way we want! We have to think about the permissions we want to give to our board. If we want our account members to be able to see how we're progressing with our tasks, we'll make the board a "Main Board" so that everyone will have access! If we have some tasks we'd like to keep to ourselves or to our board subscribers, we'll keep the board "Private". 


  • Add your groups

The groups in our board organize and categorize all of our items, so it important to take a moment to think about what kind of groups we'd like in our board. Since we want to create a to-do list for the week, let's create groups representing each day of the week! 

Task Board-Groups.png

  • Add your tasks

After we've created our groups, we can begin adding our tasks (items) in the groups they belong in. If we have a series of tasks we want to complete or begin on Tuesday, we'll add them to the "Tuesday" group! Let's fill in our task board with this week's tasks!

Task Board- Create Item.gif


  • Add your columns

Next, we can add in the columns that will help describe our tasks. We can think about the kind of information we want to have about our tasks. For example, a Date Column will tell us the date and time we'd like to begin or complete our tasks. A Status Column can be used to give us more information, like to label our progress on this task, categorize the task, attribute it to a certain department, or let us know which project it belongs to. A Rating Column can help us visually indicate the priority of our tasks, and a Numbers Column can help us sort out our day according to the time commitment of each of our tasks. 

Task Board- Columns.png

Check out our list of all of our available columns right here


  • Assign tasks

Use the People Column to assign tasks to your teammates! Assigning tasks helps everyone understand who is responsible for what and gives ownership and accountability to your team members. Creating a task board is a great way to create a visual roadmap of your week or project to help you think realistically about your or your team's workload. 

Task Board- Assign Item.gif


  • Crush your tasks!

Everything is set up in your board for success! All that's left to do is to start turning things green! 

Task Board- Complete tasks.gif


Weekly task boards

Similar to the to-do list task board we just built, we can create a weekly to-do list, like the example below! With this type of task board, we're looking at a slightly larger picture beyond just this week. We've created groups for the upcoming few weeks, and have added all of the tasks we need to get done in the group representing the week we want to complete them in!

Task Board- Weekly Tasks.gif


Project task board

Rather than compiling all of the tasks we need to complete into one to-do list board, the "Project task board" compiles all of the tasks related to one project! In the example below, we have a board that tracks an entrepreneur's journey to open up a food truck from start to finish. Rather than dividing the tasks according to their timeline, the tasks are categorized by type, including budget-related tasks, them and decor, and menu. 




More inspiration

For more inspiration, check out monday spaces to see how other users are managing their tasks with monday.com! You can also start with a task board template from our template store!


Boards are completely customizable, and the combinations are endless! The most important thing is to make it your own and have it answer all your specific needs and unique pain points! Play with all different types of boards, dashboards, and forms to see what works for you!



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.