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monday spaces


Do you have a genius workflow or a helpful template that you just have to share with the world? Now you can publish your best boards in a shareable workspace to the monday spaces community! Make your boards accessible to the community and browse others available for download right to your monday account from our monday spaces webpage! Keep reading to learn how to get started.


How to create a space

A monday space can be created from any existing workspace in your account. 

Note: You must be an account admin to create a monday space.


To create a new space, click your profile picture and select "spaces".


Click "Create space".


Click the dropdown arrow to open up your list of workspaces. Select a Workspace, and after reading and accepting monday's spaces Terms, click "Create". 


Note: The space will include ALL of the content in your Workspace, so make sure to remove anything you don't wish to share before completing this step. 



You'll be redirected to a form describing your new space. Fill out the fields in the form and click "Submit". 


What questions does the form include?
  • Select your workspace - you've already done this in the previous step, but can review or change your decision here.
  • Name your space - choose a name that will appear in the spaces community
  • Add a short description - here you can briefly define your space
  • Categories - choose as many categories as you want from the dropdown menu to help community members find relevant spaces
  • Who is this space for? - tell us who might benefit from visiting your space
  • What problem does it solve? - use this field to brag about challenges your team experienced before this space was created to help out
  • What are the benefits of your space? - here you can quantify the impact of your space using statistics and numbers, if available.
  • Add images of your space - attach any screenshots of your boards here


Browse monday spaces

Once your monday space has been approved by our team, it will be available for download on our monday spaces webpage! You can scroll through spaces uploaded by other users in categories such as Enterprise use cases, editors picks, or newly added spaces.


Each space features a cover photo, title, description, and category labels to help you navigate through relevant spaces. You can also see the owner of the space identified by name, title, and profile picture. 


Click any of the spaces to get more information and add it to your account! Here, you'll see more information about the space, including who the target audience for this space is, what problems it solves, and some more information about what's so great about it and why the publisher has decided to share it with the community. 




You can click "Get space" at the top of the space's page to add the Workspace to your account. 


Note: Access to all features included in spaces you download will depend on your plan


What can I include in my space?

Everything in the workspace that you submit for approval will be added to your space! This includes boards, workdocs, workforms, and dashboards! All of your data will be included as well, so be sure to clean up any private or sensitive information before submission. 

Note: Private boards, dashboards, or workdocs from the submitted workspace will not appear in the space.


Even your automations and integrations will be carried over into your space so that you can show off every detail that makes your workflow amazing. Automations will already be functioning upon download, but integrations will have to be configured with the credentials of the account who downloads the space.


Can I edit my Space?

When you submit a monday space to our community, it will be uploaded exactly as it is at the time of approval. This means that any changes you make later on your own account to the shared workspace will not be reflected to the live version in our community. In addition, it means that you cannot edit what is already online. If you have changes to make, you can remove your space from the community and resubmit the space for approval after making your edits. 



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.