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How to manage users on your account

Note: Before you start reading, you must be an admin of the account to perform the actions mentioned in this article. 


As a monday.com admin, the ability to quickly and easily manage the users on your account is crucial to ensure that you are able to keep your account organized and functioning at its best. For this reason, the user tab in the admin section of your account has recently been revamped with a brand new user management section!


This article will cover everything you need to know about managing account users from:

Read on to learn all about it. 🙌


How to locate it

To access the user management section, click on your avatar in the bottom left corner of your screen and select "admin". From the admin section of your account, click on "users" on the left side.


Voila! This will take you to our brand new user management section where you'll be able to perform all the actions mentioned below in this article. 🌟


Filtering users 

Whether you are looking to manage the details of a certain user, to show only guests, to display a list of users that are pending or more, you may want to filter the users shown on the user management section. This will be especially important the more users that you have on your account!

To filter the user management section, either type out the name of a user in the search bar, select their user type and/or status as so:



Deactivating a user

To deactivate a user on your account, locate the desired user and press on the three-dot menu on the right side. From the resulting menu, select "Deactivate user".


Note: Deactivating a user will deactivate all the automations and integrations that they've created. You can, however, transfer ownership of these automations to active account members.


What happens to deactivated members  

Once a team member has been deactivated, please keep in mind the following:

  • Deactivated users will be greyed out and appear as inactive, but will still be assigned to the tasks they were assigned to and their updates posted will remain on items:


  • Private and shareable boards will become inaccessible if the user was the sole board owner. An admin of the account can transfer board ownership within the Admin section as shown here to gain access to the boards.
  • Main boards will remain accessible and an admin of the account can claim ownership from the subscribers dialogue or Admin section explained above.
  • Automations and integrations created by the deactivated user will be disabled. An admin of the account can transfer automation ownership within the Admin section as shown here.
  • Workspaces created by a deactivated user will remain active. An admin of the account can claim ownership of the workspace from the workspace page. 
Note: Deactivated users don't count towards your paying plan. 


Re-activating a user 

To reactivate a user who has been deactivated, you can filter by user status to show inactive users only or use the search bar to locate the deactivated user.


From there, select on the three-dot menu at the right side and press "Activate user".


Note: Once a user is reactivated, they will count as a paid user according to your plan type


Permanently deleting a user

If you want to permanently delete a user's information, that given user must first be deactivated. Once they have been deactivated, follow the same steps above to display only inactive users or search for the relevant user. From there, click on the three dot menu to the right of their name and press "Delete user details".


After pressing on "Delete user details", a pop-up screen will appear in which you can confirm if you'd like this user to be fully deleted from your account and edit how their name will be presented in your account once they've been deleted. If you'd like to proceed, press on the "Delete member" button.


Note: Permanently deleting a user is irreversible! If you may want to reactivate this user in the future, we recommend to keep them deactivated rather than fully deleting them.


What happens to fully deleted users

Once a user has been permanently deleted, please keep in mind the following:

  • The deleted user's personal details (i.e. name, email address, title, etc.) will be fully removed from the account. However, the content they've created such as boards, items, and updates they wrote, for example, will remain on the account anonymously.
  • Any place where this user's icon used to appear (i.e. when assigned to an item, in an update they posted, in the "last seen" icon at the top of the board, etc.) will be changed to show a general grey icon (shown in image below).
  • Additionally, any place where this user's name used to appear (i.e. when hovering over their icon in the People column, in an update they posted or were tagged in, etc.) will now appear as "Deleted member" unless you've configured their name to be displayed otherwise:


  • If the deleted user was a board owner, their ownership will be removed as soon as they were deleted. You can read more here on how to reclaim or transfer the ownership of a board.
  • Any automations created by this user will be deactivated. In order to reactivate their  automations, the ownership of this user's automations will need to be transferred to an active user. You can read more on how to do this here.



How to change a user's type

To change a user's type, simply locate the given user and press on their current user type to the right of their name. From the resulting menu, select the type of user (Admin, Member, Viewer or Guest) which you'd like to change them to.


To read all about the different user types that we offer, check out this article.


Changing a user's email address

If you are the admin of your account, you can now easily edit another user's email address directly from the user management section! To do so, simply click on the three-dot menu to the right of the user's name and press "Edit email address":



From the resulting pop-up screen, enter in the user's new email address and press "Change email address" to proceed:


Once complete, the user will receive a confirmation email to the newly entered address which they must accept within three days in order to complete this change. In the event that the user does not confirm the email within three days, their email address will not be changed in your monday.com account. 

Note: The ability to change another user's email address is currently not available on accounts that are on servers EU based servers. This will be available shortly, so stay tuned!


Editing a user's profile

As an account admin, you also have the ability to edit some information of another user's profile. To do so, simply locate the user and select on their profile photo. One done, press to edit their profile as so:



Once in edit mode, you can click on the blue fields to edit them! Additionally, clicking into the "Notifications" tab here will allow you to edit this user's notifications settings.


Note: You do not have the ability to edit another user's email or password as an admin.


View user's last activity date

To easily understand when each user was last active on your account, check out the "Last Active" column in the user management section! By hovering over "Last Active", you'll see two small arrows appear which allow you to sort the user list by their last activity date in ascending or descending order.


No more guess when each user last accessed your account, as you can now easily see this information directly within the user management section. 🙌


Note: We currently only have user activity data from July 2020. If a user has not been active on your account since then, you'll see "No activity since July 2020" in the "Last Active" column.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!