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The Basics of a Board

A board is the place where your groups of items are held. It's a virtual white board where projects are stored as a way to keep track of everything from everyday tasks to month/year long projects.. but so much better! This article covers everything you need to know about boards.



Adding a board

Just click + new button located on your left panel to create a new board as below👇


If you are new to monday.com or just looking for inspiration, you can use one of our board templates. You can also create your own board and make it a template for all your team to use. Check out this article to understand better how it works. 


Deleting a board

You can delete a board by following the below steps:

  1. Click in to the board you would like to delete from the left hand pane
  2. Click the three dots menu in the top right-hand corner 
  3. Then select Delete/Archive > Delete


Si vous avez accidentellement supprimé un tableau, ne vous inquiétez pas ! Vous pouvez restaurer l'élément dans les 30 jours à partir de la corbeilleVous pouvez également archiver un tableau au lieu de le supprimer, au cas où vous souhaiteriez le restaurer à tout moment.  


Difference between board types

We offer three type of boards: main, shareable and private. The structure of all these boards is the exact same. What makes them different is their access level. Check out this article to learn more about the difference between these boards. 


Changing a board type

If you are the owner of a main board that you would like to move to shareable and/or private (and vice versa), please do the following:

  • Click the three dots menu Icon in the top right-hand corner 
  • Click on board settings
  • Click on change board type
  • Choose to change to Private or Shareable



Note: You cannot move a board if you are not the owner of it. You will need to ask the owner of that board to make this change.


Board Customization

Boards are the core of monday.com. These are made up of building blocks, which will create the desired structure that your team is looking for. 

Boards are made up of the following three components:

  • Groups, which will help organize and segment the information on your board.
  • Columns, which allow you to store, reflect and refer to any important information.
  • Items, which will be the individual tasks, projects, clients, products or anything else.

Everything in your board is fully customizable including the board columns, status labels, item values and more! You will find some of the customization settings in the board settings menu on the top right corner. 



Printing a board

To print a board, click on the three dots menu located at the top right of the screen. Choose more actions and then print as below: 



Who viewed your board last 

At the top right of your board, you will see who has seen your board last. 


By clicking on one of the icon, this will open the full log of who has seen you board and when. 


You can read more about the activity log right here


Sorting a board

You can sort your board to display the order in which you'd like to see your items!

Click the "Sort" icon at the top right corner of your board, and then click "+Add new sort" like this:


Open the drop-down menu to choose which column you want to sort your items by:


Next, choose whether you want to sort the items in ascending or descending order:


You can add a combination of several sorting recipes by clicking "+Add new sort". When you're finished, click "Apply to board" to refresh your board with your newly-sorted items!




Group and Board Footers

With the group and board footers, you can see the summary of your groups and board in one glance. This will show you how many items in the group and in the board overall, and reflect an aggregated summary of each specific column. 




Group and board footers will show information only from columns that have the "Show Column Summary" activated from the Column settings. To remove the column summary from the footers, click on "Hide Column Summary". 



Note: Group footers will appear only when the group is collapsed. When uncollapsed, column summaries will be shown at the bottom of the groups. Board footers will always appear on the bottom on the board.


You can customize the board and group footers even further by clicking on the status labels within the footer, and defining what labels should be shown. 




Si vous avez d'autres questions, n'hésitez pas à contacter notre service client juste ici. Nous sommes disponibles 24h/24, 7j/7 et nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous aider :)