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Connect Board and Mirror Column permissions explained


When viewing a board that has a Connect Boards and Mirror Column on it, those columns will only be visible to you if you have access to the board(s) connected through that given Connect Boards Column, as well the relevant Column Permissions allowing you to view the data within them.

In this article, we'll learn more about why this restriction is in place and how you can go about requesting access to view the data from the Connect Boards and Mirror Column that currently may not be visible to you. Let's dive in!


Why can't I view the column(s)?

There are two main scenarios in which a Connect Boards or Mirror Column may be hidden from you on a board. These settings are in place in order to prevent others from viewing private data that they do not have access to. These scenarios are:


  • You do not have access to at least one of the connected boards

If one or more of the boards connected through the Connect Boards Column is Private or Shareable and you are not subscribed to it, you will not be able to view that Connect Boards Column (even if you have access to other connected boards within it). 



  • There are Column Permissions enabled on the connected column

The second scenario which restricts you from viewing data within a Connect Boards and Mirror column, is when any of the connected columns have Column Viewing Permissions enabled. If you are not able to view the columns connected here, you will not be able to view any of the data within the Connect Boards or Mirror Columns.Group_1__23_.png

If either of these scenarios take place, you'll notice a lock icon appear under the boards information tab. Clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the boards name, and clicking on "Limited", will display a notice saying that there is data from one or more of the connected boards that you do not have permission to view:

BC- Limited Board Access.png


Request access to view the columns' data

Requesting access to view the data from the Connect Boards and Mirror Columns can be done in the click of the button! To do this, simply click on the dropdown arrow next to the board name, and click on "Limited" next to the lock icon. You can then select "Request access".

By doing this, the board owner(s) of the boards which you do not have proper access to will get a notification and can easily grant you access to view the relevant data if they so choose.

BC- Request Access.png



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