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The Basics of Columns

Columns are one of the main building blocks of your board which allow you to display and customize your data as you wish! We offer many types of columns so that you can build your board exactly the way you want it to be. 


Adding columns

You can add a new column by taking the following steps:

  • Click on the + button on the far right side of the board.
  • Select the column you would like to add either from the drop-down menu or the column center. 


You can also add a column directly to the right! Just open an existing column menu and create what you want, where you want it. 


To learn more about our different types of columns, check out this article.   

Adding column descriptions

You can add a column description by clicking on the column drop down and then "add description" as shown below:

Adding Column Summaries

Certain columns, such as status columns, people and numbers, will allow you to reflect the column summary at the bottom of the group. To enable it, simply click on "Show Column Summary" from the column settings as shown below. To learn more about Group and Board summaries, check out this article

Deleting columns

To delete a column, hover over the column header you would like to remove and  click the drop down arrow. Select "delete column" and here you go!



Setting permissions on columns

You can set permissions on your columns and choose who can edit it. This is really helpful when you want your team members and guests to be able to collaborate and update a board with the exception of only certain details. This way, you can maintain a good sense of transparency with your team, while making sure that only the right people can edit the right data on your boards. For more details about how it works, check out this article.

Pinning columns

You can pin certain columns so that you can scroll smoothly, keeping all relevant information in your view at all times. To select which exact columns you'd like to pin, click on the pin icon on the top right of your board, and mark off the relevant columns. 


Sorting columns

Use the sorting option found above each column in each group of items. Clicking on the sort button once will sort your items one way. Clicking it again will sort them the opposite way.


Once you have sorted a column, if you want the sort to save, you can click on the tick button to the left of the sort button. 



Tip:  To sort according to the opposite order, i.e. Z-A instead of A-Z, click the sort button twice. To undo the sort, click on the 'x' button to the right of the sort button.


You can also sort multiple columns at once. Check out this article to learn more about it.


Duplicating columns

To duplicate a column, hover over the title of the column you would like to duplicate and you will see a arrow appearing on the right side. Click it and choose Duplicate Column. You can then duplicate the column without its content or with all its values. 



Note:  When duplicating a column any set column permissions will also be duplicated.


Creating column templates

You can save and reuse your favorite customized columns with the click of a few buttons by saving your column as a template! You can then access this templated column from the columns center to easily add it to any of your workflows.



Collapsing columns

You can collapse any of the columns of your board. This way, you'll be able to keep your boards nice and tidy. This option works the same as the existing group collapse option, so when you're collapsing a column it'll only affect your view. This means that once you've collapsed certain columns on your board, other users will still see them on their view. To collapse a column, click on the arrow located on the top right of your column's title. Select "Collapse" and you are done!



Note:  Collapsing a column on the Main Table, will collapse the same column on any other saved views you have on that board.

Resizing columns

If you need to make your column width smaller or larger so you are able to see what is in the cell, these simple steps will show you how! Click on your cursor in the middle of any two columns (right in between the column title) that you'd like to resize and glide it along to change the column width. 😊

Note:  It is currently not possible to resize the first column.

Moving columns

To move a column simply hover over the column that you'd like to move, in this case - Helper. You will see a set of 8 little dots appear, take your cursor and simply drag and drop to another column area on the board.

Connected columns

Have you ever wondered what that little blue 'link' icon is beside your column's name? Well, it appears when you have two connected columns that are not beside each other! When you connect Date, Status, and People Columns together by enabling Deadline Mode, they appear connected by a grey header around the columns' names. If you choose to move one of the columns to a different spot in your board, the blue link icon appears to indicate that they are still connected even though the header no longer connects them! 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help! 🙂