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How to set up account permissions

Account permissions allow you to control who can do what on your account. This type of permission allows you to easily manage who can use certain features. Other types of permissions we offer include:

  • Autorizzazioni scheda
  • Autorizzazioni colonna
  • Workspace permissions
  • and Dashboard Permissions

Read more about these in the Permissions on article. If you're interested in learning more about managing your users, check out the How to Manage Users on Your Account article.

This article covers how to set up account permissions. Keep reading to learn more! 👇 


Nota: This feature is only available on our Enterprise Plan.



Where to find account permissions

Per impostare le autorizzazioni, devi essere un amministratore dell'account. Fai clic sul tuo avatar situato nella parte in basso a destra dello schermo e seleziona l'admin come di seguito: 


Once in the admin section, select "Permissions" from the left-hand menu as seen below: 


From there, you will be able to select who can use certain features on your account: No one, Only admins, or Anyone.


Permissions you can set on your account

You can choose who has the ability to do the following:

  • Caricare file 
  • Trasmettere schede 
  • Creare schede principali
  • Creare schede private
  • Creare schede condivisibili
  • Crea Integrazioni
  • Creare Automazioni
  • Crea Aree di lavoro
  • @mention or subscribe all users on the account to an update or board
  • Export boards, activity log, search results, and updates to Excel

Vogliamo lanciare autorizzazioni per account più avanzate in futuro, quindi rimani sintonizzato! 😊



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