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The Funnel Chart


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A funnel chart is a popular CRM reporting tool which makes it simple to follow the flow of a deal's stages from new, all the way to won or lost. Not only does the funnel chart show the current statuses of the deals/leads, but it also calculates the transitions between status labels (i.e. the conversion % of a deal from "New" to "Won").

Note: The funnel chart comes built-in the dashboard of the "Leads" and "Opportunities" boards, however it can be added to the dashboard view of any boards.


How to add it

The funnel chart comes pre-set on the "Leads" and "Opportunities" boards. Therefore, to locate it, open up either the "Leads" or "Opportunities" board and then click on the dashboard tab in order to instantly access the funnel widget.

To add it to any other board, first add a dashboard view onto your board. Then, click on "Add widget", select "More widgets" from the resulting menu, and locate the "Funnel Chart", as shown below.



Set up the funnel chart

To access the settings menu of the funnel chart, click on the cog wheel at the top center of the screen, as shown below.



Now, to begin setting up the Funnel Chart, you'll start by selecting a status column to be used for the X axis of the chart. Click on the dropdown menu under the "X axis" section, select a status column from your board and choose which labels you'd like to have displayed from it within your widget.


Next, select a Numbers Column from your board which will be displayed on the Y axis of the widget. After you've chosen a numbers column, you can select whether you'd like the calculation to be done according to the sum, average, or median.



If you'd like to reorder the status bars on the funnel chart, all you have to do is drag and drop them to the desired location from the settings menu and then it will be reflected within the chart as well.



Customize the display

To customize the coloring of your status bars, click into the dropdown under the "Display options" section within the widget settings. From here, you have the option to color the bars according to the status column labels, to have them all as a single color (green), or to have all labels colored blue aside from the final stage which will be in green.



Tip: Check out this video for an extended walkthrough of the Funnel Chart configuration.


Filter the data shown

Looking to drill down into the information displayed within your funnel chart? You can filter the information shown according to the owner of the lead, deal, opportunity, etc, or according to the funnel timeframe. 

To filter the chart according to the owner, click into the "Owner" dropdown menu and select the person you'd like to filter by.




Alternatively, to filter the funnel chart according to the timeframe, click into the "Funnel start date" dropdown and make a selection from the resulting menu, as shown below.


Note: The funnel start date will go back as far as the first deal was entered to the board.





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