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Regenerating links to a form or shared view

Have you created and sent out a link to a form or a shared view? Are you looking to re-create the links to these forms or views so that they can only be accessed by certain people through a newly generated link? If this is the case, you're in luck! You can now regenerate links to a form or shared view in a couple of simple steps. 🙌



Note:  This feature must be granted to your account in order to have access to it. If you do not see this feature and would like to use it, please reach out to us via our contact form to have it granted to your account.


Quick look at forms and shared views

  • Forms feature

In short, our Forms feature allows you to transform your board into a shareable and customizeable form for you to send out to anyone that you wish. Each response that you receive to your form will instantly create a new item on your board with all of the relevant details!


You can create a shareable link to a form in order to share it with whomever you wish by clicking on the blue "Share form" button at the top right of the screen.

Tip: To read more about the Forms feature, check out this article.


  • Shared views

You can choose to create a shareable link to your board or board views by using our "shared views" feature. This will allow you to easily provide read-only access to any person, internal or external to your account, to your board or board view so you can seamlessly display your data to those that need to see it.


You can create a shareable link to your board or view by pressing into the three-dot menu next to the title of it and pressing on "Share settings".

Tip: To read more about sharing your board or view, check out this article.


What is the benefit of regenerating a link to your form or shared view?

Up until now, when creating a link to a form or broadcasted view, the link would remain exactly the same even if you were to deactivate and reactivate a form link, or to stop and re-share a link to a shared view. For this reason, if anyone had access to these links, they would be able to continue to access the form or shared view as long as the share feature is active on that given board.


Thanks to this new feature, if the wrong person accidentally received a shareable link to your board or form, you can now regenerate a new link in order to ensure that the relevant people will have access to your form or shared view. Any person who has a previous link that has since been regenerated will not be able to access that form or shared view.

Now that we covered why you may want to regenerate a link to a shareable form or broadcasted view, let's quickly touch on how the new links can be created!


Regenerating a form link

Regenerating a shareable link to your form can be done with a couple of clicks. First, open up the Form View on your board and press on the blue "Share form" button at the top right of your screen.


From here, press on "Regenerate shareable link" as so:


Once complete, a brand new shareable link to your form will be generated for you to use as you wish! Any previous links that were created for this form will be now disabled.


Regenerating a shared view link

To regenerate a shareable link to your board or board view, hover over the title of the board or board view and click on the three-dot menu that appears. From the resulting menu, click on the "Share" button as below.


From the pop-up screen, select "Regenerate":


Voilà! Clicking on this will create a brand new link to your shareable board or board view. 


What happens if someone uses an old link to a form or shared view?

If someone has access to an old link of a form or shared view that has since been regenerated, they will not be able to use that link to view that given form or shared view. If they attempt to use a deactivated link, the following screen appear:



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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