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Mobile app - The Updates Section

The Updates Section is the perfect platform for dynamic communication between your team regarding a specific item or task on your board. It's the perfect way to facilitate transparent collaboration and communication, and it's so easy to do so on-the-go with the Mobile App! 💬


Where can I find the Updates Section?

The first column on our board always contains the names of our items. To the right of the item's name, we can see a speech bubble that often has a number inside. This speech bubble represents the item's updates, and the number reflects the number of updates on each item! If we click on an item, we can take a closer look. 


When you click on an item, you can see two sections: the Columns and the Updates. The "Columns" section shows us a list of each column on our board, by name (on the left) and the label applied to each column in this particular item to the right! For example, out board has a Date Column called "In Stores", and for our item "Sweet BBQ Corn", we can see that the date marked for this flavor's release in stores is June 27!

If we click on "Updates", we can take a look at all of the item's updates and replies! This is where all the communication on our boards happens. 


From here, we can see all of the updates associated with this item, and we can respond accordingly!



Note:  The number of updates in this section will correspond with the number beside the section's title! In this case, since our item, "Sweet BBQ Corn" reads "Updates/1", we can expect one update in this section!


Write an update

While all of our updates can be found in the "Updates" section of our item, we can add a new update from both our "Columns" and "Updates" section! At the very bottom of our screen, there's a small text box. 


When we click the box, we can begin typing our update. From here, we can add images, files, or @ mention our team members! When we're finished composing our update, we'll click the send icon to publish!



When we're in the updates section of our item, we can write our first update by clicking the blue pencil icon on the bottom right corner of our screen!


A window will pop up, allowing us to begin typing directly in our Updates Section!



Edit your updates

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like my fingers are just too big for my phone's keyboard! But there's no need to panic when we make typos when writing our updates from our mobile because we can go back in and edit them from our Android app even after we've published it! 

All we have to do is click the update we want to edit to open it up in full screen and click the 3 dot menu:


Next, we'll select "Edit" from the drop down menu:


Now all we have to do is make all of the edits we want, and click "Save"!




Note:  Currently, you can only edit updates that were written from an Android device. If the update you want to edit was written on the web, you'll have to use the web to it edit it for now. 


See all your updates

When you click an item to open up its Updates Section, you can view all of the updates related to the selected item! Scroll through to check out everything your team members want you to know about this item, and even make changes right from this screen! You can click "Thumbs up" for a quick reaction, or hit "Reply" to respond to this update. 

If you want to add a new update for this item, click the text box at the bottom of your screen. 


When you click on any of your updates, you can view all of its replies! Send a thumbs up, or keep the conversation going by replying down below or clicking "Reply"! 


Communicate with your team

The updates section isn't just for text! We can also @ mention team members, create a checklist, and upload files and images to accompany any text we want to post! 

  • @ mention team members

By @mentioning a team member, you will ensure that the right person sees your update! Team members will receive a bell notification when they or a team they are a part of are @mentioned.


Just click the "@" icon above your keyboard, and begin typing your team member's name! You will automatically be prompted with suggestions, so you can just click the right one to tag them!


If you have created teams in your account, you can even @ mention an entire team!



  • Create a checklist

If you have a few things to get done for one item, you can put it into checklist form, and tick them off as you complete tasks! Just click the checkmark icon right here, and begin typing:


At any point, you can edit and update your checklist by clicking "Edit checklist" in the bottom right-hand corner.


In editing mode, you can click an item to check it off your list, and even add new items! Congrats! You've got 2/3 items completed!


  •  Add a file or photo

You can add any file or photo from your mobile device by clicking the image or file icon shown below:


A window will pop up, allowing you to choose from any of your files or images on your mobile device:


You can add text to accompany your image or file by typing a message, and then clicking "Update" to add this to your Updates Section!


  •  Take a photo

Rather than uploading an image from your photo album, you can even take a new photo on your mobile device! Click on the camera icon below to launch your mobile device's camera. 


Click the blue circle to snap your best shot!


  • Add a voice note

Are you on the go and want to quickly get your thoughts into an update? You might want to add an update including a voice message! Just press and hold the microphone icon while you're recording your audio, and release your finger to stop recording. 




Your team's communication is crucial, and we can't wait to see just how much it will improve with this great board feature!


Note:  When you record your first voice note, you may be prompted to allow monday.com to access your mobile device's microphone. If you get a pop-up, just click "Allow" and you will be able to start recording. 



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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