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If you're like us, here at monday.com, you work best when things are organized clearly and visually.  Well, we want you to take your workflow to the next level with monday workdocs! Workdocs are a central place for you and your team to collaborate, brainstorm, plan, and eventually execute! Drop that notebook, close Google Docs, and toss away all your sticky notes - let's learn how to master monday workdocs together! 📝


What is a monday workdoc?

Think of it as a flexible, multi-media whiteboard where you and your team can record all notes and ideas related to one central topic. By adding individual elements to your workdoc, all of your loose thoughts and ideas can come together in one place, right inside monday.com, where all the rest of your work is stored! With an informal format, it's excellent for working together on notes from a meeting, a group project, brainstorming, recording a sync between teams or teammates, or anything else you might need!


How to add a new workdoc

You can add a new workdoc just as you would add a new board or dashboard! From within the workspace you'd like to create the workdoc in, click "Add" from the left panel, and then select "New workdoc", just like this:


Next, you can type the name of your workdoc into the first field, and then select the type of workdoc! When you have selected a workdoc type, click "Create Doc". 


Und Voila! Deine Leinwand ist bereit!



Create a workdoc within the File Column

In addition to creating a free-standing workdoc, you also have the option to create a workdoc that exists within an item on your board! 

Let's say one of the items on your to-do list is to record meeting notes. By adding a workdoc to the File Column for this item, you can keep your work in context right within the item on your board! No need to flip between platforms or attach external files - everything is already here in the right place!

First, make sure you have a Files Column on your board. Then, click the item's cell within the Files Column and select "New monday Doc", like this:


Now you can click the cell to open up the workdoc whenever you have something to add or edit!

Note: You won't find this workdoc within the left pane where your other workdocs, boards, and dashboards are stored. This workdoc will be exclusively located within your item.


What are the different workdoc types?

Just like boards and dashboards, there are three types of workdocs:

  • Main workdoc - Main workdocs are visible to anyone who is a team member within your account. A team member can be an admin, a member, or a viewer. To learn more about the difference between each type, check out this article. Anything you will create in this workdoc will be accessible and transparent to your team members.
  • Private workdoc  - Private workdocs can only be seen by the person who created the workdoc and by the specific team members they invite to join the workdoc. Private workdocs are only for internal users (viewers and team members), meaning that you cannot invite guests to them.
  • Shareable workdoc - Shareable workdocs are used when you want to share a workdoc with people outside your team or company, such as clients, interns, or freelancers. You can invite these people as guests within your account in order to collaborate with them. When you invite a guest to a Shareable workdoc, they will only have access to the specific workdoc they have been invited to, and will not have access to any other information within your account. You can also invite viewers or team members to your Shareable workdoc. 



So lädst du Mitglieder ein und änderst Bearbeitungsberechtigungen

  • Teammitglied einladen

Um Teammitglieder oder Gäste einzuladen, klicke auf die Schaltfläche „Teilen“ in der oberen rechten Ecke deines Bildschirms:


Next, type in the name of the team member you'd like to add, or the email address of a guest you'd like to invite if you've chosen a Shareable workdoc.

You can turn any workdoc members into owners by clicking the grey crown icon beside their name to turn it blue! An owner is, by default, the person who created the workdoc and someone who the creator has crowned an additional owner. Like a board, only the workdoc owner can crown other owners and delete or duplicate the workdoc. 



  • Berechtigungen bearbeiten

There are two different types of edit permissions that you can implement in your workdoc:

  1. Only workdoc owners - Only workdoc owners (members with a blue crown beside their name) can make edits to the doc.
  2. Everyone who has access to this workdoc - Every account member with access to this workdoc can make edits. This means that if it is a Main workdoc, anyone with access to the workspace it was created in can make edits. If it is a Private or Shareable workdoc, any member of the workdoc will be able to make edits. 


Du kannst diese Berechtigungen ganz einfach ändern, indem du auf die Schaltfläche „Teilen“ klickst und dann eine der beiden Optionen am unteren Rand des Popup-Fensters auswählst, wie in der Abbildung oben dargestellt. 


How do they work?

Workdocs are essentially gridded whiteboards that allow you to create a collage of free-standing elements in one central location. The elements, kind of like items, can be duplicated, moved, deleted, or edited. You can add an element by clicking any of the icons in the toolbar, or by using keyboard shortcuts! 


To add an element using your keyboard, you must first either type a '/' or click the plus sign. Next, you will see a drop-down menu, from which you can select an element to add to your workdoc! No need to touch your mouse - you can begin typing the name of an element as if you were using a search bar, and click 'Enter' on your keyboard to select! 



Hinweis: Deine Arbeit wird automatisch gespeichert, du musst also nicht auf die Schaltfläche „Speichern“ klicken!


Jedes Element ist im Wesentlichen eine horizontale Linie oder mehrere Linien innerhalb des Dokuments. Sie sind flexibel und können mit Hilfe des Dropdown-Menüs in andere Elementtypen umgewandelt, nach oben oder unten verschoben, dupliziert, gelöscht und vieles mehr werden! Um das Menü aufzurufen, bewege den Mauszeiger nach links über ein Element und klicke auf den angezeigten Pfeil. Als Nächstes kannst du eine Aktion aus dem Menü auswählen! 


Elemente können verschoben werden, indem du auf das 6-Punkt-Menü links neben dem Element klickst und es per Drag-and-drop im Dokument ablegst.



Elemente können von Textarten wie Aufzählungspunkten, Überschriften, Angebotsformatierung, Trennzeichen und Checklisten bis hin zu Medien wie Bildern und Videos reichen! In den nächsten Abschnitten werden wir uns einige Elemente ansehen. 


Text hinzufügen und anpassen

There are a few ways to add and customize text! Besides using the '/' on your keyboard, as discussed in the previous section, you can add text right from the workdoc's header! Click the arrow beside the text button to select a type of text from the drop-down menu! You can even add bullets or a numbered list using their respective icons in the header. 


Sobald du den Text hinzugefügt hast, kannst du ihn nach Belieben anpassen! Markiere einfach eine beliebige Zeile oder ein Stück Text, und eine schwebende Symbolleiste wird angezeigt. In dieser Symbolleiste kannst du die Textart, das Format, die Farbe und die Ausrichtung ändern und sogar einen Hyperlink hinzufügen. 



'@ mention' team members

Collaborate seamlessly with your team members by '@ mentioning' them anywhere within your workdoc! Just type a '@' symbol on your keyboard to open up a list of all team members who have access to your workdoc. Once you select a teammate, they will be notified right away with a Bell Notification.




Embed boards

Need to reference a board while working in your document? Embed the board directly into your workdoc as a widget so that your content and data stay up-to-date and aligned at all times!

To embed a board, you can click the board icon in the toolbar header, or add it using the plus sign or keboard '/' shortcut, like this: 


Now, you just have to choose a board. You can select one from the suggested list of recent boards, search for one in the search bar, or even create a new board. 


The board is fully functioning, allowing you to view and update everything right from within your workdoc! You can even view the board in full screen, rename, or filter the widget. 



Embed widgets

Add dimension and visual context to your workdoc by embedding widgets. You can choose from any of our 40+ widgets including the Timeline Widget, Gantt Widget, Numbers, and even the beloved Llama Farm. 

To add a widget, click the widget symbol in the toolbar header, or add it using the plus sign or keboard '/' shortcut, like this: 


You'll be given a list of popular widgets to choose from, or you can click "+More widgets" to open up the Widgets Center, where you can view all options. 


Now you can choose which boards you want to connect to the widget. You can select several boards from the list of recently used boards or you can search for them in the search bar. When you're ready, click "Done". 


And you're ready to go! You can interact with your widget just as you would on a dashboard, and can rename it, filter it, and open up the settings menu to customize it exactly as you want!



Tip: To learn how to master widgets, you can check out this article, or read any of the respective widget articles. 


Bild oder Video hinzufügen

Adding an image or video is similar to adding text! You can do so using the '/' keyboard shortcut and typing either "image" or "video", or by clicking the respective icon in the workdoc's header. 


Sobald du dein Bild oder Video hinzugefügt hast, kannst du die Größe ändern, indem du auf eine Ecke klickst und diese ziehst. Lass einfach los, sobald du mit der Größe des Bildes zufrieden bist! Um das Medium zu bearbeiten, bewege den Mauszeiger über das Element und klicke auf das Stiftsymbol, das in der oberen rechten Ecke des Elements erscheint. Nun solltest du eine schwebende Symbolleiste unter deinem Bild sehen! Von hier aus kannst du das Bild oder Video wechseln, die Ausrichtung ändern oder weitere Einstellungen vornehmen. 




Um das Element zu bearbeiten oder mit Anmerkungen zu versehen, doppelklicke auf das Bild oder Video, um es im Vollbildmodus zu öffnen. 

In der Symbolleiste kannst du verschiedene Aktionen ausführen, wie z. B. Aktualisierungen hinzufügen, herunterladen, drucken oder das Bild oder Video löschen. Über das vertikale Menü auf der rechten Seite des Bildschirms kannst du sogar weitere Informationen zu deiner Datei abrufen:



Updates hinzufügen 

One of our favorite monday.com features appears in monday workdocs as well! You can add updates as annotations on images or within the text of your workdoc! You can even view them in a concentrated Updates Section on your workdoc, just like you would have in each item on your board.

  • Updates zu Bildern hinzufügen

Um Updates zu deinen Bildern hinzuzufügen, doppelklicke zunächst auf das Bild, um es im Bearbeitungsmodus zu öffnen, und klicke dann auf die Sprechblase auf der linken Seite deiner Symbolleiste:


Klicke als Nächstes auf eine beliebige Stelle in deinem Bild, um einen Kommentar zu hinterlassen! Es öffnet sich ein Pop-up-Fenster, in dem du dein Update genau so schreiben und formatieren kannst, wie du es auf deinem Board tun würdest, einschließlich der „@-Erwähnung“ deiner Teammitglieder. 


Um alle Updates deiner Datei auf einmal anzuzeigen, klicke auf das Symbol „Updates“ im vertikalen Menü auf der rechten Seite deines Bildschirms. Jedes Update wird mit einer Nummer versehen, die mit der Nummer auf dem Originalbild oder -video übereinstimmt! Auf diese Weise kannst du leicht erkennen, welche Updates sich auf die einzelnen Aspekte deines Bildes beziehen. Das ist zum Beispiel großartig für die Zusammenarbeit an Designs oder Grafiken!



  • Add updates to the body of your workdoc

To add updates to the body of your workdoc, click the speech bubble on the right side of the workdoc's header to open up the Updates Section, like this:


Im Updates-Bereich kannst du mit dem Schreiben eines Updates beginnen, genauso wie du es bei einem Element auf deinem Board tun würdest! 4.png

You can tell the difference between general updates and annotations by checking if there is a header above the update. If it says "Update on file", you know it was added to a specific spot on a file within your workdoc. There will be an image of the file within the update, as well. If you click this image, you will open up the file and the update in full screen. 

  • Benachrichtigungen

Just like the Updates Section on your board, all updates will appear in the Inbox of anyone who is a member of this workdoc! Notifications will also be generated in the Bell Notifications Center every time someone replies to updates you wrote, a team member '@ mentioned' you, or you were invited to be a member of a workdoc!


Duplicate, delete, or archive your workdoc

Absolutely in love with your workdoc's format and want to use it as a template for another doc? You can duplicate it by opening the 3-dot menu and selecting "Duplicate Doc":


You can also delete or archive your doc by opening the 3-dot menu and selecting "Delete/Archive Doc" and then choosing from the two options. 


Remember: Archives will be saved in your archive history to be recovered at a later date, and a deleted workdoc will be saved in the Recycle Bin for 30 days. 


Create new items

Workdocs are all about real-time collaboration and turning words into work. And what better way to connect your work documents to your workflow than to turn your text into items on any board as you type! 

To turn text into an item, highlight your text and click the "Create items" icon in the toolbar, as shown below:


Tip: If you have a list of items, you can highlight all of them, and we'll create each numbered or bullet point as a separate item in the selected board! 


Choose the board you'd like your item to be created in by selecting one of your recently visited boards or searching for another board in the search bar. 


Next, choose from the list of groups on your selected board.


Now, you'll see a message at the top of your screen letting you know that your item or items have been successfully added to the board you've selected. 





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