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How to change the first day of the week in my calendar?

You can now change your calendar view to show the first day of the work week to be either Sunday or Monday. Here is how! 📆

Primer Paso

Haz clic en tu foto de perfil (avatar) en la esquina inferior izquierda de tu pantalla y selecciona "admin".


Step 2

Under the tab General, pick "account" as in the screenshot below:


Step 3

Select your first day of the week to be Monday or Sunday according to your preferences.


The change will apply for your all monday.com account. On this same section, you can also hide the weekend on the timeline. To learn more about what you can do on the admin section, click right here. 

You can now open your calendar on the due date column, timeline or calendar view and see your week reflecting those changes. 


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