¿Cómo podemos ayudar?

¿Qué es el cronograma?

El cronograma es la vista que te permite ver todas tus tareas en una sola vista que te muestra el progreso de dichas tareas. ¡Es igual que el diagrama de Gantt, pero más hermoso!

Why is the timeline so useful?

The timeline is really great when you have a project or tasks that span over multiple days. It allows you to get a visual representation of your projects, so you can see who is working on what, and when it's expected to be completed. It is also super helpful to control the workload of your team. You are able to see everything your team is working on and decide whether or not your team can handle one more project


How to set it up?

All you need to do is add Timeline column by clicking the '+' sign on the right of a group of items to add a 'Timeline' column to your board.  Once you have done that, you will be able to click into a timeline cell and a calendar view will pop up.  From there, you are able to select your Start and End date. 


Once you have set up your Start and End dates, you are able to click into any Timeline cell to open up the Timeline View.


También puedes abrir la vista de cronograma haciendo clic en la flecha junto al botón "tabla principal", en la parte superior izquierda de tu tablero, como se muestra a continuación: 



Once your timeline opened, click on the cogwheel on the very right of your screen. This will open the settings. 


You have the option to customize your timeline view whether you want to see it by person, group, specific status and more! That setting is super useful whether you want to manage your tasks, your resources or just have a global overview of where everything stands. 

Also, the Timeline is color coded! As you can see, the color displayed in the Timeline view corresponds with the color of the group of items it came from.

Filter your timeline

You filter directly on your timeline by using the board filters. It is a great way to display the exact information you need without having to scroll. Let's say we are interested to see all the tasks of this week only.

  • Click on the filter icon located on the top right of your view as below: 


  • Select this week


  • Save your filtered view for an easy access at any given time. Simply click on "save to this view" as below:


Whenever you will open your timeline view from that board, the filter will automatically be applied.  🎉


Add multiple timelines in one view!

A board can have multiple timeline columns. In the below board, we have a timeline for each status column. 


You can show both timelines in one view. Go to your timeline settings and select the timeline columns you'd like to display as in the screenshot below: 


Update your items directly from the timeline!

Al hacer clic en cualquiera de las barras del cronograma, tarjeta del elemento se abrirá y te permitirá hacer cambios en tu elemento sin tener que volver a la vista del tablero principal. 🎉


Date and time format

You can customize the format of the date and time by following these steps:

  • Haz clic en tu avatar, en la parte inferior izquierda de tu pantalla.
  • Haz clic en Mi perfil
  • Selecciona Preferencias


Shift your timeline by "X" days

Imagina que tienes un tablero de flujo de trabajo con una columna de cronograma. Cada elemento es una tarea y su cronograma comienza cuando termina el plazo de la tarea anterior. Terminas todas tus tareas a tiempo, pero ahora tu admin agrega un día inesperado fuera de lugar. Deberás mover los plazos de inicio y final de cada elemento por un día… ¡Ya no más! Ahora, puedes seleccionar los elementos que deseas y puedes cambiar todos los plazos por la cantidad de días que quieras.  

  • Selecciona los elementos cuyos cronogramas quieras aplazar.


  • Click on either of the arrows in the timeline column. The date picker will pop-up. At the bottom, of it, click on "shift selected  items by days" 
  • Input a number of days and voilà: the timelines for all the select items will shift. 



Get Alert reminders

In the timeline column, there are a total of three options for reminders:

  • Calendar integration - here's how it works.
  • The deadline mode: this article covers all you need to know about it
  • Date reminders with automations. This is the topic we will cover right below in this section. 

Due date reminders, used for deadline mode and date reminders, are packaged inside the column menu. Select "Set Date Reminders" from the drop down menu. 


When deadline mode is enabled, selecting "Set Date Reminders", will take you straight to an automation recipe that reads "When date arrived and status is not something". Click on each underlined portion to set your automation parameters and create a notification.


In case the column is not in deadline mode, this is the recipe you'll get: 



This awesome feature allows you to never miss any deadlines anymore!  

Print and export

Your timeline can be exported to Excel. Simply open the timeline and click on "export to Excel" as below: 


You can also export it as a Gantt Mode by checking the "Gantt Mode" option in your timeline settings. 


In this mode, the export to excel in this mode has been upgraded to show a summary at the left side giving you the pulse names, the start date and end date of the each pulse! 

Cross board timeline?

Using our new Dashboards, yes, now you can! With the Timeline Widget, you can pull timelines from several boards and gather them all in a single view. Learn more about Dashboards here and the Timeline Widget here

Can I view my timelines above my Table View? 

Yes you can! You can click on the split screen button to do so:


Learn more here


If you have any other questions about the Timeline, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!