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Automations and Integrations Pricing


If you’re curious about which plan is the right plan for you and your team when it comes to automations and integrations, you’ve come to the right article!


First, a few notes:

1. Automations and integrations are only available on the Standard plan and up. If you would like to use automations or integrations, you must choose one of the plans discussed in this article. If you’re in the Student Program, please refer to the monday.com Student Program article.

2. Automations and integrations are measured in terms of actions. If you are unfamiliar with what an action is, please first read the Automation and Integration Actions article.


To learn more about each plan and which plan is right for you, read on. 😁


Standard Plan

The Standard plan has 250 actions for automations and 250 actions for integrations each month.

We recommend using the Standard plan if you would like to:

  • occasionally use simple automations or integrations.
    • This plan isn't well-suited for custom automations that involve more than one action or automations that you can pick from the automation center that involve more than one action.
    • Simple integrations involve one-way syncs with external tools that you occasionally use. Meaning that when you update the external tool monday.com is updated or vice versa. Any integration that involves a two-way sync with an external tool that you use daily, may not be a good fit for this plan. A two-way sync happens when the integration is set up to both send and receive data between monday.com and an external tool.
  • occasionally manage a single workflow.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan has 25,000 actions for automations and 25,000 actions for integrations each month.

We recommend using the Pro plan if you are interested in:

  • using automations and integrations daily.
    • Whether you're hoping to use simple or complex automations, this plan will work for you. Most midsized companies find that 25,000 actions are enough to sustain their daily use of automations and integrations.
    • This includes using the Gmail or Outlook integration. These integrations can consume a lot of actions. If you plan to use them, you should consider the Pro or Enterprise plan.
  • managing a few workflows with monday.com.
  • using monday.com as a CRM with any of our integrations.
  • using monday.com to manage payroll or any other processes that involve calculations with the Formula Column.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan has 250,000 actions for automations and 250,000 actions for integrations each month.

We recommend using the Enterprise plan if you are interested in:

  • Using automations and integrations multiple times daily.
    • The Enterprise plan is designed to support using complex automation and integration usage. This plan is perfect for sustaining multiple two-way sync setups.
  • Managing multiple workflows for a growing company.
    • If you plan on using the account for multiple departments and multiple workflows (and perhaps more in the future), this is the plan for you.
  • Using monday.com as a CRM or to manage payroll or other calculations.
    • If either of these use cases is exclusively your intention, the Pro plan may be right for you as well.



To learn more about the pricing for these plans, take a look at our pricing page.


Exceeding your actions

This article should give you some insight into which plan is right for you and your team, but if you find that you've exceeded your number of allotted actions and you wish to continue using automations and integrations, your best option is to upgrade. An admin can upgrade at any time by visiting the Billing section of the account.

If you wish to better understand how we manage your actions if you exceed your monthly allotment, please take a look at the "What happens if I exceed my actions?" section of the Automation and Integration Actions article.


Tracking your account's usage

Unsure if you're close to capping out on the allotted automation/ integration actions for the current month? No need to worry! Email notifications will be sent to the account admin(s) when 50%, 75%, and 100% of the allotted actions have been used. 

You can also monitor the number of actions your account is using at any time. To do so, please go to any board > click "Automations" or "Integrations" > click the “Account Usage” tab. There you can see the number of actions available and used by your account in the current month. 



Note: The action cycle for each account is dependent on your payment method. For monthly payment plans, the cycle refreshes monthly on the same day you activated your account. With yearly payment plans, the cycle refreshes on the 2nd day of every month. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.