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Gmail Integration



Are you looking to connect your inbox with your monday.com account? With the Gmail Integration, you can transform emails into action items, automatically align everyone on your team, and stay seamlessly connected. 

If you're looking for our Outlook Integration, check out this article. If Gmail is more your speed, read on! 



Add it to your workflow

To add the Integration, go to the board you want to create an Integration on and click on the "Integrate" button, located on the upper right of your board: Group 64 (5).png

From there, select "Gmail": Group 64 (2).png


Once you click on the "Gmail" integration banner, you will find the recipes available for this integration:Group 65 (2).png


Then you can simply select the recipe you wish to create! Using any of the recipes, you can customize the email that you send via the integration. You can type in values or auto-populate the email using fields from your item.

Next, you will be asked to connect your Gmail and monday.com accounts. 


Connect your account

Once you click on one of the recipes, you will be asked to connect your monday.com account with your Gmail account:Group 63 (5).png


Next, choose the email account you want to associate with monday.com.

Woohoo! It's that easy. 😀  You have successfully connected your account to Gmail. Now you can get busy building recipes to communicate efficiently with your team! Group 66 (1).png


Note: When setting up this recipe, you will choose conditions under email to instruct the recipe on which emails will create a new item in your selected group. The conditions work as "AND" conditions-- meaning each condition you set is in addition to the previous condition. To support "OR" conditions for incoming emails from one address or another, you must create two automations-- one for email address X and another for email address Y.


Error while connecting

If you see an error message when trying to connect your account, it's likely that connecting to that particular Gmail account is limited. If you receive the following error message,


One of two things is happening:

  1. You are attempting to connect a Gmail account that is currently being used on a different monday.com account (meaning an account separate from the one you're currently attempting to set up the integration on)
  2. You are attempting to connect a Gmail account that is currently being used by another user on the same monday.com account when using an inbound integration recipe (from Gmail to monday.com).
Note: You are able to use the same Gmail with multiple monday.com users in the same account when using an outbound integration recipe (from monday.com to Gmail), however, this is not supported in inbound recipes as mentioned above.


If you wish to override any previous connections, follow these instructions to revoke access for other monday.com users and accounts from the desired Gmail account:

  1. When logged into Gmail, go to https://myaccount.google.com/permissions
  2. Scroll down and click "Manage third-party access"
  3. Click monday.com and then click the blue "Remove Access" button

After revoking access, you can follow the instructions in this article to reconnect the Gmail Integration.

If you are using the Emails & Activities app and you wish to receive further instruction on setting up a connection with the app, please visit the "Error while connecting" section of the Emails & Activities article.


Does the integration support files?

The Gmail integration supports files! 🎉  If you receive an email with a file using one of the following recipes, that file will pull into the updates section:Group 64 (3).png


It is also possible to send files from the Files column. If the file in the File Column is from a drive like Google Drive or OneDrive, the file will send as a URL to anyone. Their access to that file will depend on the settings in your drive.

If the file in the File Column was uploaded from someone’s computer, the file will also send as a URL to anyone. However, unless the person receiving the email is a member of your monday.com account and logged into the account, they won’t be able to download that file.


Does the integration support multiple email addresses? 

The Gmail integration supports multiple emails! You can define multiple emails in a Text Column separated by ";" and the email will be sent to each of those emails separately. 💥

For example, in this recipe:Group 63 (6).png


Choose the Email (column) option from the "someone" menu and then choose a Text column:Untitled design (35).gif


You can define the values (the email addresses) of the Text column like this: example@monday.com ; example.monday@gmail.com

And the integration will send an email to both example@monday.com & example.monday@gmail.com!


Note: This only works when sending out emails and does not work when receiving emails to the updates section of an item.


Unsync your account

If you no longer need the Gmail Integration, follow these steps: 
  1. Go to https://myaccount.google.com/security
  2. Scroll down and click "Manage third-party access"
  3. Click monday.com and then click the blue "Remove Access" button


Change the sender

If your name isn't displayed correctly in the outgoing emails sent through the Gmail integration, you can quickly fix this in a few steps: 

  • Log in to your Gmail account
  • Click on your "See all settings" located on the right of your screen: Group 65 (4).png


  • Next, click on "Accounts" and then "edit info":


  • Add your preferred name in the empty box. Then, make sure to select the box and click "Save Changes".



Add your signature 

You can add your signature to all emails triggered from monday.com by the Gmail integration. To do so, click on the "See all settings" in your Gmail account. Group 65 (4).png


Next, select "General" and add your signature as below: 


And voilà! 😊


Help - it isn't working!

Option 1 - Sending mass emails

If you're trying to send a mass email and your integration isn't working, you may have exceeded the limitations set by Google. To learn more about these limitations, please check out our Gmail Integration Limitations article.


Option 2 - Refreshing your connection

If you aren't sending a mass email and your integration is not working, please try to recreate the connection. To do so, click on the "Integrate" button located on the upper right of your board. Once in the Automations Center, select "Connections":Group 66 (4).png


Next, click on the three-dot menu on the account that you want to manage and select "Reconnect" from the dropdown menu: Group 63 (7).png


Next, click on "Use another account":Group 64 (6).png


From there, you will be able to recreate the connection. This should solve the issue. If not, check out option 3 below.


Option 3 -  Unsync the integration

Important Note:  This option will only be helpful if someone has changed the authorization settings in Gmail.  If this is the case, then you can unsync the integration by following these steps: 


Follow these steps to unsync the integration:
  1. Go to https://myaccount.google.com/security
  2. Scroll down and click "Manage third-party access"
  3. Click monday.com, and then click the blue "Remove Access" button


Option 4 -  Check whether you have auto-forwarding or a filter on your inbox

If you're still having trouble, check whether you have auto-forwarding on or if you have a filter on your inbox that automatically sorts your incoming emails into folders. If so, try turning these settings off and see if the integration works for you.


Email automation loop

When sending an email from within monday, an update within your board will be created automatically. Therefore, if you have set up an automation such as "when update is created, send email to someone", an automation loop will occur. The email being sent out will automatically create an update on the item within your board, which will in turn trigger the automation recipe. 


Email automation loop.gif


In order to end the automation loop, the automation recipe needs to be deactivated from within the automation center. Select "Board automations" from the top of the automation center, locate the automation recipe that is causing the loop, and toggle to "Off". 


Email automation- deactivate loop.gif





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.