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How to create recurring tasks



While we may always be innovating and growing at our workplace, sometimes our workflow still follows certain patterns or repetitions. That often means that on monday.com, we repeat certain actions, use the same notifications, board structure, groups, or even items for a lot of our projects!

In this article, we'll share a few tips and tricks to create recurring tasks to make your workflow smoother! 🤩


Create a new group every time period

At our small soap making company, we use the below board to keep track of all of our store's inventory orders throughout each month. Every time a store needs to restock a product, they request the product and quantity using this board, and then we can tally up the numbers at the end of the month to see how much we should be producing back at the factory!


Since the groups on our board represent each month of orders, we need to create a new group at the beginning of each new month. To make a new group instantly gets created every month, we used a recurring automation. 🙌

To do this, start by clicking into the Automations Center and into the custom automation builder. From there, create an automation that reads "Every time period, then create a group":

Automations- Every Time Period.gif


Now, just customize the recipe as we've done below! You can choose how often a new group is created, it's name, and at exactly what time it will be created!



Using this automation, we no longer have to remember to create a new group at the start of each month, as monday.com will do it automatically for us. 🙌


Create a new item every time period

Similarly, if you have a single item (or task) that needs to be repeated every so often, you can use a recurring automation to instantly create it according to your desired cadence!

In our soap company example, we manage the below scheduling board to stay on track of all our daily assignments. In this case, we have a meeting every single day which we need to make sure is constantly added to our board in time.

Time Schedule Board.png


To ensure that we have a new item for our daily meeting every day, we set up the below automation. Now, every morning at 10am, a brand new item titled "Daily meeting" will be automatically created for us to ensure it never goes amiss!


Tip: Try using the Recurring Tasks app for another way to instantly create recurring tasks with ease! 


Notify your team every time period

We found that our sales team was forgetting to restock the shelves in our stores at the beginning of every week, and we don't want our customers to see empty shelves! To fix this problem, we've added this automation recipe:



We customized the automation to notify the entire Sales Team every Monday morning at 9am with the message "Reminder to restock shelves!". Now, we are able to start every week with a fully stocked store and happy customers!


Tip:  We can use this automation to notify anyone of anything! For example, we use it to remind our entire team to fill out the hours they worked in our billing calendar at the end of every month, or to notify our team that the alarm will be set at the end of every Friday so that they can log off and leave the building in time. The possibilities are endless!


Duplicate a group every time period

At the Thorn & Thistle soap company, we release a brand new product every month! Every time we do so, we follow the same workflow, which we track with our "Product Release" board. Each group in this board is a different new product, and the items in each group are the different events related to its release. Rather than rewriting each item every time a new product is being released, we'll use an automation to duplicate the group!


All we have to do is set up the below automation! We chose to duplicate the group every month on the 1st of the month at 9am so that we can rename our group accordingly and start working on our new product release right at the start of each new month. 📆



Since our group has been created identical to the original "Candied Apple Spray" group, we want to clear all of the data using batch actions! First, we'll change the name and the color of our new group. Next, we'll hover over the left side of each item, to select each item in the group. Now, we just have to reset each column, just like this:

Duplicate Group- Edits.gif





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.