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How to Build Your Boards in Kanban Style

Kanban is a project management technique that aims to manage work by prioritizing tasks and balancing demands according to available capacity. It helps us see our pain points at a glance, and make sure we're best utilizing our resources. In this guide, we will walk you through how to create your monday.com board using the Kanban method. 🙌


Plan your Board

In order to get the perfect Kanban board, we must first build a board compatible with the Kanban style, and then we can add the Kanban View to our board to transform our raw data! 

The Kanban View sorts our items according to their label in the Status Column, and assigns tasks using the People Column. Let's take both of those columns into consideration when planning our board!


Let's take a look at a use case where we run a hat-making company and are interested in tracking our inventory in the Kanban style. The first thing we have to do is add a Status Column to our board. 


Next, we'll add a People Column to assign responsibility. This step is optional but highly recommended because it helps us divide our work and increase accountability across our company. 


We really want to take a minute to think about how we'd like to set up our columns and cards once we add our Kanban View. Since we are interested in tracking inventory, we are most interested in seeing our items in terms of products sorted according to their ability. To achieve this visually, each of our items will represent a different product, and their labels in the Status Column will reflect their availability, or how much of that product we currently have in stock.


Build your board

While we are filling in our Status and People Columns, we can add in any additional columns that might help us stay organized and add crucial information.




Tip:  To learn more about how to track inventory or set up your board like we did in this use case, take a look at this guide


Add the Kanban View

Now that we have added all of our data, we are ready to add the Kanban View to our board! We'll click the arrow beside "Main Table", click "Add View", and then select "Kanban" from the drop-down menu. 


Once we've added our view, we can begin to set it up according to our specific needs! Since our board has more than one Status Column, we want to make sure we select the right one under "Kanban Column". The same goes for our People Column!


We can move our columns around to make the most sense to us! In this case, we want to organize them with the most stock to the left, descending to "Running Low" and "Out" entirely on the right side. We can always interact with our Kanban board to see more details! All we have to do is click on an item card to expand it in full screen, so that we can check exactly how many units are left, and even update status and numbers right from the item card!




Kanban Project Management

Another great workflow example that works well with the Kanban style is project management!  In this case, we're an event planning company with several running projects at any given time. To take control of everything and get a big picture overview, we've set our Kanban View up to display all of our upcoming events in Kanban cards according to the month they will take place in! 



To achieve this, we've added each project as an item on our board, and we've marked the month that the event will take place in using labels in the Status Column! We've also assigned the event planner responsible for each project using the People Column. Then, following the same steps we went through in the previous section, we've added and set up the Kanban View to reflect our "Month" Status Column and "Event Planner" People Column! Now we can see a list of all cards neatly lined up in the correct column so that we can visually review our entire year!


Tip:  To learn more about how to use monday.com for event planning, or set up your board like we did in this use case, take a look at this guide! For more general project management, take a look at this guide



Kanban Construction Workflow

With so many construction projects being so multi-faceted and spanning across a vast timeline, we need to be able to take a look at the big picture. The Kanban view is an excellent way to check up on the status of complicated projects. Rather than getting into the nitty-gritty details of our projects, we can quickly glance at our Kanban View to see what phase each project stands in. 


To achieve this, we've added each project as an item on our board, and we've marked the project's phase of development using labels in the Status Column! We've also assigned the project manager responsible for each project using the People Column. The results show all of our projects categorized according to phase, so we can quickly and easily understand our progress across all of our projects at once. If we need more details, we can simply click on a card to open up the item's card, full of all its critical information!


Tip:  To learn more about how to use monday.com for Construction, or set up your board like we did in this use case, take a look at this guide! Don't forget to check out this guide as well, to learn how to integrate the mobile app in your construction workflow! 


Kanban within your board

While the Kanban View is specially engineered to transform your board into a Kanban board, you can create your monday.com board in Kanban style from the get-go! Let's take a look at this high-level project management board, showing us an overview of all of our software development projects. We've added one Status Column for each phase of development, and have added all of our projects as items in our board. We'll work horizontally, labelling each item with its status as it moves through the phases of development towards the launch date. As you can see in the image below, the columns here are serving as Kanban columns!


Kanban on-the-go!

Don't forget to check out your Kanban View from the mobile app! You can view all your items in cards, by swiping left and right across your screen. In the example below, our Kanban board displays the item in different stages according to the status of the item itself ( ie. working on it, stuck, done etc.).




To learn more about the Kanban View on your mobile app, check out this article




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