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How to Manage My Files in monday.com

With monday.com, managing your files has never been easier! Upload your files, share them with your teammates and collaborate on them all together. 🙌


How to upload files to monday.com

There are three ways you can upload files and documents in monday.com: 

  • Раздел обновлений
  • The status box
  • Столбец 'Файлы'

Let's go over each one of them. 


1. Updates section

Открыв любой элемент, вы увидите раздел обновлений, как показано ниже:


Next, click on "add files" and select the file you would like to upload from either your computer, your Google Drive, your Dropbox, Box.com or One Drive.


Note:  Google Drive isn't supported in the Edge Browser. Team Drive is not yet supported. 



And you are all set!

Если вы сделали ошибку, хотите удалить и/или отредактировать обновление, нажмите стрелку в правом углу окна обновления и выберите 'Удалить обновление' или 'Редактировать обновление', чтобы изменить изображение внутри сообщения.


Note:   Your updates and files will continue to move down your page as you add new ones into your feed. If you would like to keep some updates always at the top, you can pin your update. Check out our article here on how to do that!



2. Status box

If you'd like to add an attachment to a status box on the board, click the + sign that appears on the right hand corner of any status. Next, click on Add attachments and you'll see a drop down menu:


Add the attachment and you can see it at a glance if you scroll over it. The snapshot of your status will also appear inside the item as seen below 



3. The file column

The file column allows you to add files within your board. To learn more about this column, check out this article right here. Simply click inside the cell and add your file. You can add files from your desktop, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.com or One Drive.


Когда файл добавлен, он будет выглядеть следующим образом: 



How to collaborate and communicate on your files?

You can make comments and communicate on any documents with the help of the annotation feature. To do so, open your files from the files view or from the files column. From there, you’ll be able to see comments previously added by your team members, and add your own, without needing to leave your board.


This will help keep things organized, manageable and in context!


How to see all your files in one place

You can view and access all the files stored in your board in the Files View. You will find a step by step explanation of that view right here

Once your files view will open up, you will be able to see all the files that have been uploaded to your board: 


You can click on any of the file to easily communicate and collaborate 🙌


Download Files

You can download all your files at once to a zip file! When you click on any file from the Files Column or the Files View, you can either click "Download" to download a single file, or "Download all" to download all the files in the group into one zip file. 



Разрешения для файлов

Currently, anyone that has access to your board will be able to download the files or edit them. If you would like your files to remain restricted, you can add them in the file column. Once added, you can set up board permissions allowing only owners of the boards to edit the board. Check out this article to learn more about it. 


Предпросмотр ссылок

Администраторы аккаунта теперь могут включать и отключать предварительный просмотр ссылок в разделе обновлений. Прочитайте о том, как это сделать в нашей статье :) 



500mb is the maximum file size in each item. If you're finding that files you'd like to upload are bigger than that, you can create a zip file and upload that instead or upload from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.com or One Drive.

В настоящее время мы не поддерживаем HTML-файлы. Проще всего загрузить такой файл, предварительно добавив его в zip-архив.

If you and your team plan on making lots of edits on your file, you might want to consider copy and pasting a link from either Dropbox, Google Drive Box or One Drive so this way you won't have to continuously re-upload the latest version of your document.   



И если у вас есть вопросы по этой или другим темам, обращайтесь к сотрудникам нашего отдела заботы о клиентах по адресу support@monday.com