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How to Export Your Entire Account's Data

As the admin of the account, you have the ability to download your entire account's data to your device. This option is available both for active and canceled accounts.

This function will download all the boards in the account including shareable and private boards as Excel files. Currently, Dashboards are not included in the .zip file, but don't worry - all of their data comes from the boards that will be exported! 


How to export your account's data

  • Stap 1

Click your profile picture located at the bottom left corner of your screen and then click 'Admin'.


  • Stap 2

Select "General" from the left panel menu, and select the "Account" tab at the top of your screen as shown here:



  •  Step 3

Under "Export account data", click "Export". This action will export all of the data (including shareable and private boards) in your account to a .zip file. 


 You will receive a message letting you know that the export is in progress, and will take a few hours. 


Note: You can export all of your account's data once every 24 hours.  Each time you do this, all admins on your account will be notified.


  • Stap 4

Within a few hours, you will receive an email with a link to download all your account data as a .zip file to your computer. Click "Download here" as seen below: 



Note: This link will only be valid for 24 hours from the time the email is received. After 24 hours, you may repeat this process from the beginning to receive a new link. 



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