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Wat is een beheerder?

To explain it simply, an admin is kind of like a super user with some cool super monday.com powers. But really, the admin has the ability to oversee the entire account; managing everything from users and boards to security and billing. This allows for one team member (or more if you choose) to manage his/her team effectively and securely. 


How to add an admin to my account?

When you are creating a monday.com account, you are by default the admin of the account. You have then the option to make your members, admin of this account as well. It's always great to have a second Admin just in case as backup! 


Stap 1

Click on your Profile Picture (avatar) on the bottom left of your screen and click on 'Admin'



Stap 2

From there, click on the tab "users" and then select "admins" as below:



Stap 3

Type the name or email of the team member you'd like to make an admin and you are all set.



How to remove an admin?

In the event that you need to remove an admin, simply click on the cross next to the name of that admin:



How to access the admin section?

To access this part of the account as an admin, simply go to your avatar on the bottom left corner of your screen and select Admin.


Then you will see all the sections of what an Admin can do.



What can an admin do?

Here's a breakdown of what an Admin can do (in addition to everything a user can do):

  • Change account name
  • Change Account URL
  • Change the Logo (for example from monday.com to the company logo)
  • Set & Sort Default Labels for the status columns
  • See all the Users and Admins and add additional admins to the account
  • Set account security
  • See the invoices and payment method
  • See all the Basic, Storage and Advanced statistics
  • Cancel the account
  • Transfer or change Board Ownership
  • Disable users
  • Delete users
  • Delete the whole account

Want to see how to effectively use the admin section? Click here to read our "all things admin!" article.


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