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How to archive and unarchive a board?

If you want to clean up your left pane from all of the boards that you don't use anymore, but still want to be able to have access to them, you can use the Archive option! Continue reading to check how it works!

How to archive a board?

To archive a board, follow these steps:

  • Click in to the board that you'd like to archive
  • Click the Hamburger Menu 
  • Click Archive this Board (the last option on the board)


How to unarchive a board?

There are several ways that you can unarchive a board.

First way

To view all the archived boards and restore them, click on your avatar located on the lower left corner and click on "archived boards". From there, you will be able to restore any of your boards. 



From there, you will be able to see the list of your archived boards and restore them in just one click. 


Second way

You can also utilize the Search Everything field to quickly unarchive your boards.

  • Click the "Search Everything" search bar
  • Look below for the "Quick Searches" header to see a link to all of your archived boards
  • Click on "Archived Boards" to see a comprehensive list of every archived board 


Third way

Alternatively, admins can use the Tidy Up feature to view which boards have been archived.

  • Click your Profile Picture
  • Click Tidy Up
  • Click Restore on the boards that you would like to restore


Why should I archive a board?

Archiving boards can be a good way to keep your left sidebar clean and neat if you have too many boards. The advantage of archiving boards over deleting is that you can always restore them if you need them again. They can remain in your archives for an unlimited amount of time. 

Click here to learn how to archive or unarchive a item


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