Come possiamo aiutarti?

Jira Cloud Integration


Vuoi un modo per gestire attività, problemi, bug nel tuo Jira Cloud su Ora puoi farlo con le nostre automazioni integrate con Jira!


How to add an integration? 

Step 1
Per aggiungere un'integrazione, vai alla scheda per la quale desideri creare l'integrazione e fai clic sul pulsante Integrazione, situato nella parte superiore destra dello schermo, come di seguito: 
Once on the page, you will see all of the amazing apps we offer to integrate with, then go ahead and select "Jira": 



Step 2

From the list, select the recipe you want to add-



Step 3 

Connect your Jira account with the Jira token to


Note: Only the JIRA Global Admin credentials can be used to set up the integration


How to get/create JIRA API token?

  • Step 1

When in Jira, go to your avatar > "Profile":


Then, click on "Manage your account":


Next, click on "Security"


And select "Create and manage API tokens":



  • Step 2

Click on "Create API token":


And enter a label name to create the token:


  • Step 3

Copy the token to enter into the automation setup within your account. It's that easy!  


How to customize the integration?

Once the token is added, you can customize your recipe any way you want with the applicable fields. For example, when an issue is created in a project in Jira, you can create an item on your board and sync future changes from Jira-


You can also set a reminder if you want to update your team members with a summary of an issue in your projects in Jira- 


Note: The JIRA integration doesn't work retroactively. It will pull in only new issues, epics, etc. created in JIRA.


Supported Fields for Mapping 

  • Currently, the following fields are supported for mapping the integration between JIRA and issuekey, issuetype, project, string, priority, user, status, option, resolution, number, watches, datetime, date, progress, and votes. 
  • All Jira custom fields can be mapped into a status column in, as long as the custom field type is one that is supported (see above). 
  • The following fields are supported for mapping the integration from to Jira (the reverse of the above): string, priority, option, number, datetime, and date.
Note: At the moment, next-generation projects are not supported. 


Creating a two-way sync

A two-way sync occurs when data is being both pushed from into Jira and pulled from Jira into This makes it so that your data matches in both platforms and remains up-to-date.

To create a two-way sync, in addition to the recipe used in the first example: "When an issue is created in this project, create an item and sync future changes from Jira"

You'll need to set up the following recipe: "When an item is created or updated, create an issue in this project of this type with these fields, and sync all future changes from this board"


Choose the correct project. In this case, we're going to use "KB Iteration Planning" again. For the type, we're also going to choose "Task" again.


After choosing your project and type, select "these fields" to begin mapping. 

With this recipe, when we’re mapping, the fields to the left are Jira data fields rather than the names of your columns. Here you’re mapping columns into Jira. It’s the reverse of the set up we walked through earlier in this article.


Once you finish mapping and click the "Add To Board" button, your two-way sync is ready to go!


Note: In Jira, there are certain field types that are required for an issue type. For this recipe to work, the fields required in Jira for your chosen issue type must be mapped in your integration. If those required fields are left blank, the integration will not work. There will not be an error message to indicate that the integration hasn't worked. The Jira admin can set the required fields within Jira. 

Come si cancella?

You can turn off and/or delete your integration in the integration menu- 


You can also edit the integration and the Jira account you want to connect it to in case you change your mind later!



Più assistenza

Se hai bisogno di aiuto per integrazioni personalizzate, abbiamo anche un'opzione di assistenza a pagamento tramite la nostra rete di partner certificati Se sei interessato, compila questo modulo e a breve qualcuno ti contatterà!


E se hai domande su questo argomento o qualcos'altro di relativo all'articolo, non esitare a contattare il nostro Customer Success Team all'indirizzo