Come possiamo aiutarti?

The Mirror Column

The Mirror Column works together with the Link to Item column to allow you to see and edit information on other boards. This means that you can easily view data from one board in another board! Not only that, but you can edit the information in either board and the changes will be reflected in both boards. 

Come si aggiunge?

To add it, open the Columns Center and search for The Mirror Column:

In order for the Mirror Column to work it needs to be connected to a Link to Item column. As a result, there are two ways to add the mirror column to your board:

  1. This first method is to add a mirror column before adding a link to item column.
  2. The second method is when you already have a link to item column in the board and you would like to add a mirror column afterwards to display a column from that board. 

Method 1: Adding a Mirror Column First

Step 1: Add a Mirror Column

Add a mirror column from the column center as explained above.


Step 2: Link the Mirror Column to another board:

In order to setup the mirror column you need to first set up a connection between that column and another board. The way to do that is to connect the column to an existing link to item column or a new link to item column.

The link to item column allows you to easily link a column to the items of another board and the mirror column will allow you to display columns from that item.

When you have no existing link to item columns in the board you can click on "Create a New Link" and a link to item column will be added to your board.



Step 3: Set up the Link to Item column connection

Once added, click on "Select a board" and choose a board from the list of boards in your account:

Screen_Shot_2019-04-11_at_14.49.46.png     Screen_Shot_2019-04-11_at_14.53.40.png


Step 4: Add Mirror Columns

Click on +Mirror Columns to choose which columns from the linked board to display and they will all be added to the board:



Method 2: Adding a Mirror Column and Linking to an existing Link to Item Column

Step 1: Add a Mirror Column

Add a mirror column from the column center as explained above.


Step 2: Link to an existing Link to Item column or add a new one

Link the column to an existing link to item column or add a new one: 

Screen_Shot_2019-04-11_at_15.35.04.png   Screen_Shot_2019-04-11_at_15.35.10.png



Step 3: Choose which column you would like to mirror



Step 4: Enjoy :-)


When should I use the mirror column?

Like all things on our platform, you can use the mirror column in whatever way meets your needs, however, we do have a few suggestions if you want to hear them 🙃

Use Case #1: High-Level and Low-Level Boards

Let's say I wanted to create a High-Level board that would display data from a Low-Level board. I could create a Mirror column in the High-Level board and Link it to a item in the Low-Level board. Now we can see the progress bar from the low-level board in my project overview board:



You can even set up multiple Mirror Columns for the same Link to Item column, as we have done above, so that you can see both the progress bar and the due date of the items on another board. Then you can go ahead and edit those cells from whichever board you are in! 


Updated tasks and projects in low-level boards will automatically be updated in the high-level board!  


Use Case #2: Using monday as an ATS or CRM

Using as your ATS or CRM and linking client/candidate/customer data to another board. If using monday as an ATS, can link your candidate board with the job board and/or the job board with the candidate board.


If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our customer success team at [email protected]. We are here for you 24/7 and always happy to help :)