Come possiamo aiutarti?

All things you can do in the updates section

The updates section allows you and your team to communicate, social media style, inside an item, keeping all the conversations about a specific task or project in the same place and in context. There are so many cool things you can do with this section! Let's have a look 👀


@mentioning someone on your team

If you want to communicate with your team members and make sure they are getting a notification about your update, make sure to @mention them!



You can also @mention everyone who is subscribed to this board, or everyone on your account.



 Note: On Shareable boards, this mention will also include your guests, making it easier to communicate with all of them at once.


Pinning important updates

If you need to keep one particular update at the top of your updates feed, all you need to do is pin it to the top! Once you pin the update, it will stay there, even as your team continues to add more updates to that feed. 


Bookmark a post

It's like an old school thumbtack board, bookmarking an important post to refer to frequently! Or think of it as a "favorite post." Once you bookmark your post, you can find it in your Inbox.


Write a text right to left (RTL)

Click into any item's update's feed and click the symbol change text direction as seen below. Then pick if you want your text to be from right to left or left to right as below. And there you have it! 


Add code

Click into any item's updates feed and choose the format icon, then choose Code. Copy/paste your code into the box and click POST. 


Create a table

You can easily add a table to any item by following the below:

  • Open an item
  • Click the table option
  • Choose the number of rows and columns 
  • Click Insert


Create a checklist

If you want to add another layer of tasks to your original task (the item), you can easily do that by adding a checklist


You can check items off your list, and it will show up in the item.



Aggiungi file

You can add files, pictures or any kind of document inside the updates section of any item. To learn more about it, check out this article.  



Add GIFs 

Save the best until last! The GIFs section :) Add funny GIFs to your posts or updates. It will make it all more fun for you and your team. 



Why are some updates blue and some grey?

Wondering why this happens?


Whenever an update is grey, it means that no one posted any new updates for more than 7 days. In the opposite, if your update is blue, it means the last update is from 7 days or less. 

Share an update in an email

You can now share updates via email! You can send the update in an email to any email address, even if they are not users in your account or in at all.


You can use this to allow clients the ability to report through email but still keep your reports in the context of projects in the platform.
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