Come possiamo aiutarti?

Come posso condividere progetti e attività con gli ospiti?

Adding a guest to your account is useful when you only want to share one or two boards with someone, but you don't want to give that person access to see all of your main boards. Guests are outside users such as contractors, clients, freelancers, lawyers, graphic designers, etc... Guests can only be invited to Shareable Board/s and as such, will NOT be able to view information on Main or Private Boards. Check out what guests can see and do on your account here.



Invita un ospite nella scheda condivisibile

Step 1 

To add a guest to your account, you need to create a shareable board first. Shareable boards allow you to share projects and tasks with people outside of your team (like a client or temporary employee).

Step 2

Dopo aver aggiunto una scheda condivisibile, puoi invitare un ospite accedendo alla scheda condivisibile che desideri venga visualizzata e facendo clic su "Ospiti e iscritti."
Si aprirà una finestra che mostra gli iscritti del team sulla scheda e l'elenco degli ospiti sarà sul lato destro.



Step 3

Inserisci l'indirizzo email della persona che desideri aggiungere come ospite e riceverà un invito via email per unirsi alla scheda.

Once a guest is added to a shareable board, you can add them to other shareable boards on the account. They will not be able to see the other shareable boards unless they are specifically invited to them.


There is a daily limit of invites you can send. The amount is calculated as "maximum users allowed in your account * 3. This means that for example, if you have purchased the 10 users package and need to grow your team, you can invite 10*3=30 users or guests per day. 

In case you need to invite more users than your limit urgently, please reach out to us at [email protected]

If you have further questions about inviting guests, please feel free to contact our Customer Success Team! We're happy to help :)