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Alerts and Reminders with Automations

Looking for a way to be automatically notified of approaching our past due items on your board? Using automations, you can now create a due date reminder by scheduling an automation based on a date or timeline column (whether it's set in Deadline Mode or not!).

There are a couple of ways to set up your due date reminders: (1) from your automations center or (2) directly from your date or timeline column menu. This article covers both methods.


How to add from the Automations Center 

You can find a wide range of automation recipes under the "Notifications" tab of the automation center.


   Il parametro Quando sovrastante può essere configurato per:

  1. Run exactly when the date arrives.
  2. Pianificare l'esecuzione dell'automazione in un tempo relativo.
  3. When a date has passed. This means the automation will run at midnight after the date has passed. This recipe does not work retroactively.


Note: Learn how to configure your automation here: Automations.


Custom Automations

You can create reminders with custom automations as well! This will be particularly useful if you're using a timeline column and would like to set a reminder or alert for the start date of the timeline. This is only possible with custom automations.


Note: You can not set reminders for the start date of a timeline column unless you're using custom automations.



How to add from your column menu

You can also add a reminder directly from your date or timeline column! You will be presented with two different selections depending on whether your date column is set-up as a deadline.

  1. Date column isn't set-up as a deadline:

To set up reminders, simply select the drop-down arrow to open up the column menu settings and select "Set Date Reminders".


Verrai indirizzato alla prima delle automazioni sopra elencate, "Quando giunge la data, avvisa qualcuno." La colonna specificata verrà automaticamente compilata: dovrai solo scegliere quando desideri che venga eseguita la notifica e chi desideri venga avvisato!



  •  Date column is set up as a deadline mode:

Se hai già collegato la colonna Data o la colonna Timeline con una colonna Stato in Modalità scadenza, troverai una configurazione leggermente diversa. Come sopra menzionato, apri il menu colonna. Vedrai l'opzione su "Imposta promemoria scadenza ".


When clicked you'll be navigated to the recipe: "When date arrives and status isn't something, notify someone". Again, the column that you've selected will be pre-filled, as will the status column to which it is linked. You'll need to define the when field, as well as who you would like to be notified.



Note: You can also set your own alerts to upcoming item deadlines by connecting to your calendar. Learn more about setting up reminders using calendar integration here.  


How to configure the "notify" field

The notify column can be customized to your team's needs. Click on your columns in the "Supported Fields" box to add a dynamic element to your automated notifications. 



Note: The notify section doesn't support HTML formatting at this time. 


Column Support for "notify" field

The below column types are currently not supported in the "notify" field of the automation        

  • Formula
  • Numero automatico
  • Progresso
  • Gerarchia
  • Link a elemento


Note: When adding a date column to the "notify" field in the recipe, the notification sent only supports a *European date* format.


So let's dive into a use case 😀 


Use Case

When {date} has passed and {status} is {something}, {notify}{someone}{every time period}

Use case: A sales team needs to send client follow-up emails "x" days after a call. If the client email status isn't marked as done by the due date then a reminder will be sent to the Sales lead at specified repeating times until the status is updated. 


We will use the following automation recipe: 


Remember! This recipe checks every day at midnight to see if any item's date has passed. If the date has passed, the automation will trigger.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!