Come possiamo aiutarti?


New to Welcome to the glossary of all the need-to-know terms needed to get started! This will help you understand our jargon; keep reading to learn more! ✍️

 Tip: To learn how to use the platform for the first time, check out our article called "How to Get Started with" here.



A folder can store similar boards together. They are also useful for companies that have a number of different departments. For example, you could create sales, marketing, design, and HR folders, and then drag and drop all the related boards into the corresponding folders. To learn more click here

Board principali

A board is where you can manage anything; it could be a project, a task board, a roadmap, sales pipeline, a budget… the possibilities are endless. Main boards are visible to anyone who is a team member within your account. Anything you will create in this section will be accessible and transparent to your users. To learn more click here

Schede condivisibili

Shareable boards are used when you want to share a board with people outside your team or company, such as clients, interns, or freelancers.  You can invite these individuals as guests within your account. To learn more click here.

Schede private

Private boards can only be seen by the user who created the board and those invited to join this board. The private boards are only for internal users meaning that you cannot invite guests on a private board. To learn more click here. 


A group of pulses within a board.  You can have multiple groups on a board; it allows you to organize and categorize your pulses in a manner which best suits your needs. Some ways that you can categorize your pulses by are months, weeks, days, phase of a project, or anything else you need! To learn more about groups, click here


A pulse is a single row within a group on a board.  It usually consists of a single task or item within your project or task board. To learn more about pulses, click here.  


Centro colonne

Columns are part of the foundation of your board. We offer many types of columns allowing you to build your board exactly the way you want it to be. You will find all our columns in the column center. Check out this article to see all our column choices. 

Left Panel

This panel shows the list of all your boards on the left side of your screen, segmented by the three board types, Boards, Shareable, Private.


Hamburger Menu 🍔

The hamburger menu is the three little horizontal lines menu on the top right of your board.  This includes multiple settings and functions for each individual board. Click here to learn more about what you can you do with this delicious button. 


Main users

Main users are your teammates or employees in your department or organization with whom you work with every day. Main users, also called team members, can see and edit all information on Main Boards, and can be invited to collaborate easily on both Shareable and Private Boards

Guests users

Guest users are users that are external to your team, such as a vendor, client, freelancer or outside consultant. Guests can only be invited to a Shareable Board/s and as such, will NOT be able to view information on Main or Private Boards. To learn more about guests, check out this article. 


An admin is kind of like a super user with some cool super powers. But really, the admin has the ability to oversee the entire account; managing everything from users and boards to security and billing. This allows for one team member (or more if you choose) to manage his/her team effectively and securely. To learn more about it, check out this article.


Subscribers are admin, users, guests that are following your board. This means that each time someone will post an update on this board, it will appear in their inbox. To learn more about it, check out this article.

Board Owners

A board owner is either:

  • The person who created the board
  • Any subscribers of the board which the board creator has chosen to be co-owners of the board.


The Inbox 📩

The Inbox is where you will see all updates from board you are subscribed to, even if you are not specifically mentioned in that update or assigned to each pulse. You can think of this as a news feed, where you can see everything your team has posted on those specific boards.


La mia settimana

My week is a great way for you to see everything you and your team need to accomplish this week, next or even what is overdue. It works by collecting all the tasks across your account that are due in the current week. To learn more about it, click right here



The Bell Icon 🔔

The little bell icon on the top of the screen. The bell notification is where you receive all of the information that specifically relates to you (i.e something you were tagged in, assigned to, a reply to an update you left, etc…). To learn more about it, click right here


The Search filter board

The bar on the top left of each board to search or filter information on the specific board. This is where you can search or filter something on the board level. Check out in action how it works


The Search Everything

Located on the top of your account, provides the ability to search across all boards you have access to within your account. (i.e. name of a board, tasks assigned to a team member, status, name of a pulse, filter by date, etc…). Learn more about it in this article


The Boltswitch

We have created the Boltswitch to easily search and navigate from one board to another without scrolling down. This article explains how it works!


The Batch Actions

With the batch actions, you can now edit, move, delete, archive, export and even duplicate just one click! Check out this article for more info. 


The Updates Section

When clicking into each pulse, you can find the updates section. The updates section allows you and your team to communicate, social media style, inside a pulse, keeping all the conversations about a specific task or project in the same place and in context. This can be used to centralize all communication related to a pulse as well as adding attachments and gifs. This article covers all you can do with the updates section. 


The Info Boxes

Info Boxes hold a different purpose than updates. These are steady, rearrangeable boxes that are often used for documentation organization and storing certain information related to a pulse in an easily accessible way.


The Activity Log

Wondering how to keep track of your team's activity? The Activity Log is your answer. You will find it on the top right of each board (by clicking the heartbeat icon) as below:


For more information about the activity log, check out this article. 


The Board Views

At, we love to make everything visual: colors, graphs, shapes, etc. So we came up with the amazing board views, which allow you to visualize your board's information in multiple ways. 📊 📈 📉 Check out this article to learn all about the board views. 

The Timeline 

The Timeline is the view that allows to see all your tasks in one view. It's just like the Gantt chart, but more beautiful! Click here to learn more. 



The Recycle Bin 🗑

Accidentally deleted your board, pulse or column? Not to worry, we found a solution for you! All deleted items within your Main, Shareable, or Private boards will appear within the Recycle Bin. For more information check out this article

Megaphone 📢

The megaphone is a feed to let you know the latest at!  You can see new feature announcements when they are released by clicking on the icon.



If you get stuck or have any more questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]! We are here for you 24/7!