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Changing board ownership

A board owner is either:
  • La persona che ha creato la scheda;
  • Any subscribers of the board which the board creator has chosen to be co-owners of the board.

But what if your board owner has left your team? You can still get the ownership of his board back. Keep reading to learn more. 👇


How to make someone an owner?

If you are a board owner, you can turn other subscribers of the board as owners. Click on the people icon located on the top right of the board as below:


Next to each subscriber’s name is a crown symbol, which will be grey for non-owners. To “crown” someone a co-owner of the board, the board owner should click on the crown next to that person’s name, turning it blue.


Dai un'occhiata a questo articolo per maggiori informazioni a riguardo. 


Note: Account admins can make themself a board owner of any Main board. This admin permission does not apply to all shareable and private boards.



How to take ownership of deactivated users' boards?

Deactivated someone in your account and need to access all their boards? Now you can! With just a few clicks you can now switch ownership of all Main, Private and Shareable boards. 

  • Click your Avatar
  • Select Admin
  • Click into "Users"
  • Select the "Board Ownership" tab
  • In the drop down choose the Current owner


  • Just below choose the new owner
  • Complete the change by clicking "Add new owner"
  • A pop-up will appear to confirm the change, click "Add as an owner" to confirm or "No, take me back" if you have second thoughts. 



How to manage boards without owners?

In case you have lost a board and can't find it in both archives and recycle bin, you can use this feature. This will assign a new owner to any board without an owner.

  • Click your Avatar
  • Select Admin
  • Click into "Users"
  • Select the "Board Ownership" tab

Then, pick your name in the drop down menu and select "add new owner."



This should allow you to access your board again. 

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us at