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¿Qué son los espacios de trabajo?

Here at monday.com, we aim to improve the way in which entire companies collaborate to boost productivity and efficiency. monday.com’s workspaces were created to help achieve exactly that! 


About workspaces

We understand the pains of having many different departments and teams using one platform -  everything can quickly become messy and confusing as the teams and workloads grow. With that in mind, we've created workspaces.

Los espacios de trabajo llegaron para ayudar a tu organización a gestionar mejor varios departamentos, equipos y proyectos en un lugar unificado. Proporcionan a tu cuenta una jerarquía de organización, lo que te permite mantener todo ordenado mientras escalas tu cuenta sin problemas. 

With so much going on around you, you can now stay focused on what's relevant to you, while at the same time easily navigate across teams, departments, or projects. 


Note: To learn more about advanced workspace permissions, which is an Enterprise feature, make sure to checkout the last section of this article.


Creating workspaces

To create a workspace, click on the 3-dot-menu on the bottom of your workspace list (this is panel on the left side of your screen). From there, click on "Add new Workspace". 


After creating the workspaces, team members can then simply move the boards to the relevant workspaces to keep things organized in the different departments and projects. You can create as many workspaces as you want :)


Note: Enterprise accounts have the option to create open or closed workspaces. If you are an Enterprise account and want to learn more, head over to the section "The different type of workspaces" further down in this article.


Managing team members on workspaces

Subscribing team members to workspaces

After creating your workspace, you can invite who you'd like to this workspace. All workspace members will have access to all Main boards in the workspace, as well as any Private and Shareable boards to which they're subscribed. 



Note: If you had the previous workspace version (where all team members were automatically subscribed to all workspaces), you can now remove "everyone at your account" and simply invite the relevant team members. 


Joining or leaving a workspace

Joining a workspace can be done by clicking on the name of the workspace, then clicking on "Join workspace" on the top right corner. All team members can join, including admins and viewers, except for guests.

Los espacios de trabajo cerrados tendrán la opción de “Solicitar unirse”, que enviará una solicitud al propietario del espacio de trabajo para que la apruebe. Una vez que te hayas unido al espacio de trabajo, puedes abandonarlo con el mismo botón.


Note: Admins can join Closed workspaces without requesting access.


Removing team members from workspaces

When clicking on the workspace name, workspace owners can see all team members who have joined the workspace. They can then remove (or add) team members accordingly, to keep the relevant people in the loop.



Navigating between workspaces

You can switch between workspaces by easily clicking on the relevant workspace icon on the workspace list. You can also do a quick search, filter or add new boards and dashboards with the help of these three buttons under each workspace name:


You can collapse and uncollapse your workspaces list and view the boards in a way that works best for you.


When viewing your Inbox or My Week section, your workspaces list will be collapsed. To open it up again, simply click on the workspaces icon as shown below.



The order of workspaces

Workspaces on the account will appear in the following order on each individual's workspaces list:

  • Main workspace - this is the Main workspace of the account which cannot be deleted
  • Workspaces I'm the owner of
  • Workspaces to which I'm subscribed
  • Workspaces to which I'm subscribed only to a board within

Then, within each category the workspaces are ordered alphabetically.


Pin/Unpin workspaces

Use the Pin📌 workspaces feature to make sure your important and most used workspaces remain in sight and easily accessible! By default, all workspaces that you are subscribed to or to a board within, will be pinned to your workspaces list. You can choose to unpin the irrelevant ones should you wish. If you are not subscribed to the workspace or a board inside it, the workspace will not be pinned.


To pin a workspace, hover over the workspace name, and click on the 3-dot-menu that appears next to it. Then, click on "Pin workspace to menu"



To unpin the workspace, hover over the workspace name, and click on the 3-dot-menu that appears next to it. Then, click on "Unpin workspace to menu"



You can pin and unpin multiple workspaces and search for specific workspaces using the 3-dot-menu at the bottom of your workspace menu as shown below:





Customizing your workspace

Each workspace can be customized to make it more personal and reflect the nature of that team or project. You can add a workspace description, customize the cover photo as well as the workspace icon.

Customizing the workspace icon, color, name and cover photo can be done by clicking on the 3-dot-menu next to the workspace name, then clicking on "Manage workspace". 


To customize the workspace cover photo, click on "Add cover" on the top right corner.


Para personalizar el color de fondo y el icono del espacio de trabajo, debes hacer clic en "Editar" en el avatar del espacio de trabajo.


These customized icons will appear on the workspace list, making it easier than ever to jump around different workspaces and collaborate with other teams.

Note: Customizing the workspace icon and the name can be done directly from the 3-dot-menu next to the workspace.


Moving boards from one workspace to another

Boards can be moved from one workspace to another by dragging and dropping the board into the relevant workspace or by clicking on the 3-dot-menu next to the board name. Only board owners and admins on the account can move boards to Workspaces that they are a part of.


Note: Moving Main boards from a Closed to an Open workspace will make its content accessible to all team members in the account. Moving Main boards from an Open to a Closed workspace will make it accessible only to team members that are subscribed to that workspace.


Deleting workspaces

Deleting a workspace can be done from the workspace management page (click on the workspace name). From there, click on the 3-dot-menu on the top right corner of the page. A menu will open up, where you can select the option to "Delete workspace". 


Alternatively, it can be deleted from the 3-dot-menu when hovering over to the workspace name.  


Note: Deleting a workspace will archive all boards and delete all dashboards within it, including those that are private. You can restore individual boards from the Archives section and dashboards from the Recycle bin within 30 days.


Organize further by using folders

Under each separate workspace, you can add folders to group related boards and organize work processes better. Folders add an extra layer of detail and organization and ensure that your account is always manageable for your teams. To learn more about Folders, check this out. 


The different types of workspaces

Note: The following section is relevant only for Enterprise accounts.


Espacios de trabajo abiertos

  • Cualquier miembro del equipo puede unirse a un espacio de trabajo abierto.
  • Cualquier miembro del equipo tendrá acceso a todos los tableros principales en todos los espacios de trabajo abiertos y a todos los tableros privados o compartibles a los que hayan sido invitados.

Espacios de trabajo cerrados

  • Cualquier miembro del equipo puede unirse por invitación o solicitar unirse.
  • Una vez que se unen, tienen acceso a todos los tableros principales dentro de ese espacio de trabajo y a todos los tableros privados/compartibles a los que hayan sido invitados.
  • Any team member subscribed to a board from a closed workspace will have access to that board but will not be able to see anything else within the workspace.
  • Main boards in Closed workspaces are accessible only to team members who have joined the workspace (and board subscribers as mentioned above).
  • These workspaces will be marked with a lock symbol, indicating a Closed workspace. 


Restricciones de creación de espacios de trabajo 

By default all team members can create a workspace. Admins on the account can then define who is able to create workspaces allowing an extra level control, ensuring your account stays orderly at all times.

This can be done by going to the avatar, then "Admin", and navigating to "Permissions".19.png

Para obtener más información sobre otros permisos de tableros y columnas, mira esto



Who will see Main boards on my account?

All team members can access all main boards in all Open workspaces, through Bolt Switch and Search Everything.  For workspaces they have joined, team members will see all main boards on their boards list. In Closed workspaces however, only team members who are subscribed the workspace or to a specific board, will have access to them.


Who will see Private/Shareable boards on my account?

Only team members subscribed to those boards can access them in both Open and Closed workspaces. Guests will have access only to the Shareable boards to which they've been invited.


 Can Admins access all workspaces and boards in my account?

Admins can join Closed and Open workspaces without requesting access. As with team members, they will be able to access all Main boards in Open and Closed workspaces in the account, and any Private/Shareable boards to which they've been invited.


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