¿Cómo podemos ayudar?

Integración con Mailchimp

Ahora, puedes integrar Mailchimp con monday.com, actualizar automáticamente las listas de correo y obtener estadísticas sobre el rendimiento de la campaña desde tus tableros.🎉
Manage your campaigns from one place, sync leads and subscribers, get notifications and stats on sent campaigns. 

¿Cómo se agrega al flujo de trabajo?

Primer Paso

To add an Integration, go to the board you want to create an integration for and click on the Automation button, located on the upper right of your screen. 
From there, select "Mailchimp" below: 


Paso 2

Once you click on the Mailchimp integration banner you will find the 4 recipes our integration offers: 

  • When an email is added to this column, create a contact in this list
  • When a contact is subscribed to this list, create an item in this group
  • When a campaign is sent to this list, create an item in this group
  • Some time after a campaign was sent to this list, create an item with statistics in this group


Then just select the integration you wish to create! 


Paso 3

Once you click on one of the recipes you will be asked to enter connect your monday.com account with your Mailchimp account : 


You will then need to log in using your Mailchimp credentials:


Yay! You have successfully connected your account to Mailchimp. Now you can get busy building recipes to communicate efficiently with your team! 🎉


Entonces... ¿cómo funciona?

Once you've chosen one of the four recipes and connected your Mailchimp account, you will arrive to the integration window. Now you can keep track of your campaigns and seamlessly relay information between the two platforms. Fill in the recipe and then choose update automation!



  • Use case 1: When contact is subscribed to this list, create an item in this group:

This is a great way to manage all of your mailing lists in one place and stay on top of all activities associated with them! First, begin by choosing the list in MailChimp you want to keep track of. You can then choose which group to add them to in monday.com, for example, new subscribers, contacted leads, etc. 


Instantly, when someone subscribes to this list, it will appear as a new item in the designated group! 


  • Use case 2: Sometime after a campaign was sent, create an item with statistics in this group

This is extremely helpful to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, so you can instantly make adjustments in real time! First, start by deciding when to measure the campaign. It can be hours, days, or weeks after. 


Note: You can set multiple automations, so you can continuously track different stages of the campaign. 


You can then choose the mailing list from Mailchimp and the group of monday.com to post the statistics within. Never lose track of the effectiveness of your campaigns, and bring your data in monday.com!


¿Qué podemos esperar?

Stay tuned we are working on new Mailchimp integration recipes! Didn't find what you are looking for? Send us your ideas at support@monday.com! 


Note: Want to check out more use cases for the Mailchimp integration? Check it out here


Más asistencia

Si necesitas ayuda para crear integraciones personalizadas, contamos con una opción de asistencia paga a través de nuestra red de socios certificados de monday.com. Si te interesa, completa este formulario y ¡alguien se pondrá en contacto contigo en breve!

Si tienes alguna pregunta sobre este u otro tema del artículo, no dudes en comunicarte con nuestro equipo de éxito del cliente a través de support@monday.com.