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"I was mentioned" Widget

Never miss an update you were mentioned in again! See every update you were mentioned in, in one clear view with the "I was mentioned" widget. You can even customize it so you see only the types of mentions you want to see, within a timeframe of your choice!

How to add it?

Simply click on "Add New" at the top of the Dashboard page or click on the + sign in a blank widget. From the drop down list, click "more". 


Then choose the "I was mentioned" widget from the widgets center.


How does it work?


In order to set your preferences for your "I was mentioned" widget, click on the settings button.


The options for the types of mentions you can see in your widget are: 1. I didn't reply and 2. Has attachments.


The widget will then show you a live list of the updates you were mentioned in, according to your preferences. Resize the widget according to the instructions above to suit your dashboard setup. You could have it as a narrow list like this:


Or a large widget displaying on almost all of the screen:


Clicking on any of the updates in your "I was mentioned" widget will open a new window in your browser directly to the update in the board.

This widget is still new and we are planning to add more amazing settings to it so stay tuned!

Have questions? Let us know at [email protected] and we'd be happy to assist :)