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La columna Votar

Learn how to vote for your favorite items! 👍 The vote column allows you to vote for specific items on your board.


¿Cómo se agregan?

Para agregarla, haz clic en el icono + que se encuentra arriba a la derecha en tu tablero y selecciona "centro de columnas".


Once in the center, select the option "vote" as in the screenshot below:

vote.pngThis column will then give the opportunity to your team members and board subscribers to vote for their favorite items. Click inside the column to vote for your preferred item(s). 


Note: You can vote for several items. Each click increases the value of the vote




If you votes for the item by mistake, you can click a second time on the same item to remove your vote automatically. At the bottom of the column, you can see the total amount of votes and the unique voters. 


Si tienes dudas, puedes escribirle a nuestro equipo de éxito del cliente a la dirección support@monday.com. Estamos aquí para ayudarte a toda hora.