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Connect boards column (Previously Link to item column)

The Connect boards column allows you to easily link a column to the items of another board. Keep reading to learn how it works! 👇

How to add it

Para agregarla, haz clic en el icono + que se encuentra en la parte superior derecha de tu tablero y selecciona "Más columnas".


Once in the center, search for the option "Connect boards" in the search bar shown below:



How it works

Primer Paso

After adding the column, a screen will pop up prompting you to select which board you'd like to link it to:


Paso 2

Select the board you would like to connect with your column. In my example, I want to connect the board "cupcakes" with the board "clients".


 Step 3

After selecting the board, you'll have the option to create a "Connect boards" column on the connected board as well, to allow for bidirectional linkage. If you choose this option, the links to the connected board will automatically be populated. No need to flip back and forth between the boards to make sure they're manually synced! Changes made on one board, will be reflected onto the connected board as well.


Paso 4

Then, you'll need to select whether you'd like to link to multiple items or if you want to prevent this option simply uncheck the box as seen below.


You can change this setting at any time by going to the column settings as well.


Paso 5

Once connected, clicking inside any cell in the column will reveal the items from the other board (clients board). Pick the item(s) you want to connect to from the other board. For example, I want to connect the Velvet Cupcake to Client 1 and Client 2. 


Al lado de cada Cupcake, ahora tendremos el nombre del cliente que lo encargó. Si eliges más de 1 elemento, se mostrará la cantidad de elementos vinculados allí. Puedes pasar el puntero del mouse sobre elemento para ver los nombres de los elementos vinculados.Frame_1.png

¡Eso no es todo! ¡Sigue leyendo a continuación para descubrir más funcionalidades increíbles!👇 


The pop-up view

Once you have connected the items between the 2 boards, you will be able to view details of your connected items directly from the board you're currently in. To do so, hover over the right of the cell and click "Open View". It will open a card showing all of the information for that item from the linked board. 


Puedes actualizar cualquier información sobre el cliente directamente desde el tablero Cupcakes. Esto actualizará automáticamente el tablero Clients.  



How to unlink a board

Click on the arrow located on the right of your column's title and select column settings. Once done, click on the cross (X) to remove the board(s).

Nota: Una vez que hagas clic en "Desasociar vínculo", se borrarán todos los vínculos anteriores agregados en tu columna.



Tip: Take your workflow one step further by mirroring specific information from one board to another using the Mirror column. To learn more, check this out. 



Si tienes dudas, puedes escribirle a nuestro equipo de éxito del cliente a través de support@monday.com. ¡Estamos aquí para ayudarte a toda hora! :)