¿Cómo podemos ayudar?

La columna Fecha

Looking to add a due date to your tasks? Or a start date and start time? Or just any date and time... We brought you the date column just for this 😊


¿Cómo agrego la columna?

To add it, click on the + button on the far right of your board and select “date”:



¿Cómo funciona?

Once added, click inside the column and a calendar will appear. It will open by default to the date of today.


You can then manually pick the date for each task. You can also change the year easily by clicking on it as shown below:



You can also choose whether or not you want to add a specific time to your set date - perhaps if a task must be due by 3PM that day! Toggle on "Add time" and select the hour for your date of choice.


You can have the "Add time" enabled by default for your entire column by marking it as checked on the column's settings as below: 





Control your date and time preferences

We know that you wanted the ability to control your date and time preferences so we have added these settings to your Profile page under preferences :) 

You can now adjust your Time format between 12hr or 24hr and your Date format between MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY



How to set up deadline reminders?

  • In-app Deadline Mode reminders

Click on the top right of your column title and choose "Set as deadline." Once on the page, pick the status column you want to synchronize with your deadline. 


Once done, both the status and date column you chose will be dependent on one another. If your due date is today, the date icon will appear as full. 


If the date passed already, the item icon will turn red.


If your due date is in the upcoming 6 days, your date icon will show as partially full. 


Whenever you mark an item as Done the due date will be crossed off. 


Note: Even if you don't synchronize your columns, the items due for today will show as a blue notification on your board filter icon, as shown in the GIF below.



  • The date reminder

You can now add automatic date reminders to your date column to help keep track of what you need to get done! When in the column settings, you can choose Set date reminders:



Then you can set up an automatic reminder with our automations center!


You can choose either an hour on that day or a certain number of days before the date. You can also customize the message that is sent as well as who receives the reminder! 

To read more about our amazing automations check this article.


  • The calendar integration

You can synchronize each date with your calendar by using the “sync calendar” function at the bottom of the date picker when you click on a date. This will allow you to create a system of alert reminders and be alerted each time a task is coming up to its due date. To learn more about this option, check out this article. 

If you have any further questions about the date column, please feel free to reach out our customer success team right here. We are here 24/7 and we would be happy to assist :)