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Shortcuts and spreadsheet capabilities

Hate scrolling up and down to find an item? Us too! Wish there were a quicker way to navigate around your board? We get it! That's why we came up with shortcuts and spreadsheet capabilities. 


Accessing the shortcut menu

You can access our keyboard shortcuts within your monday.com account. Click on your avatar located on the lower-left corner of your screen and select "Shortcuts"


You can also press Shift ? to open this menu.

The keyboard shortcuts are split into two categories: System navigation (allowing you to navigate within your account) and, below that, the Board navigation (allowing you to navigate within a board). 



List of all shortcuts

Have a little scroll through this list to discover all of the shortcuts! 👇

  Mac PC
Boltswitch Command + B Ctrl + B
Cerrar página de elementos ESC ESC
Cerrar cuadros de diálogo ESC ESC
Cerrar búsqueda ESC ESC
Abrir/cerrar navegación Command + . Ctrl + .
Navegar hacia abajo mceclip0.png mceclip0.png
Navegar hacia arriba mceclip2.png mceclip2.png
Navegar hacia la izquierda mceclip4.png mceclip4.png
Navegar hacia la derecha mceclip6.png mceclip6.png
Navegar a la celda siguiente Tab Tab
Navegar a la celda anterior Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Editar el contenido de la celda Return Introducir
Borrar el contenido de la celda Eliminar Backspace
Abrir la vista de columna Space Space
Buscar tablero Command + F Ctrl + F
Copiar el contenido de la celda Command + C Ctrl + C
Past Cell Content Command + V Ctrl + V
Cortar el contenido de la celda Command + X Ctrl + X
Seleccionar elemento Command + Return Ctrl + Enter
Seleccionar rango de elementos Shift + Return Shift + Enter
Crear grupo nuevo Command + Shift + G Ctrl + Shift + G
Crear columna nueva Command + Shift + C Ctrl + Shift + C
Abrir registro de actividad Command + Shift + L Ctrl + Shift + L
Ordenar otra columna Command + Left Click Ctrl + Left Click
Contraer o expandir todos los grupos Ctrl + G Ctrl + G



Boltswitch allows you to quickly switch between boards in your monday.com account. Use keyboard shortcut Command + B on a Mac or Ctrl + B on a PC. Then type the name of your desired board to switch between boards as fast as lightning!  


Navigate around your board

You can use the arrows of your keyboard to navigate easily around your board just like in Excel.



You can also use Tab to navigate to the cell to the right within a row or the first cell in the row beneath the one currently highlighted.


Navigate to the previous cell

Use Shift + Tab to navigate easily to the cell to the left of the highlighted cell or the last cell in the previous row. 


Editar el contenido de la celda

Once you are on a cell, hit Return or Enter to edit the contents. Simple as that!



Close editing any cell

To close the cell after editing without saving your changes, hit Esc.




Borrar el contenido de la celda

Use Backspace on a PC and Delete on a Mac to clear the contents of any cell. But be careful! There's no way to undo this.


Copy, paste and cut cell content

As with other programs, you can copy, paste, and cut cell content using your keyboard shortcuts. You can also copy any cell's content and paste the text anywhere you want outside of monday.com!



Save an update

If you'd like to save an update you have written in the Updates Feed, press Command + Enter (or + Return on a Mac) and your update will be submitted.



Acciones por lotes

Click on an item and then hold down Command (Shift on a PCwhile clicking on an item lower in the list. This will select the range of items in-between. This enables you to move, archive, or delete the list of selected items all at once! This is called "batch actions". You can click here to learn more about using batch actions.



We hope these shortcuts come in handy as you're navigating around monday.com!


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team at support@monday.com. We're available 24/7 and happy to assist. 😁