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How do I end my free trial?

We're sad to see you go (please don’t!) No, but seriously, if you’d like to end your trial because you didn’t have enough time for you and your team to test monday.com out, don’t quit just yet! Instead, email us at support@monday.com and one of our friendly customer success managers will be happy to extend your trial period (and provide you with some cool videos and advice to help get you started too!)


If you felt that monday.com wasn't for you, fair enough, we respect that. When your trial ends, your account will be automatically disabled and closed. No credit card information was taken from you so you won't be charged unless you actively upgrade to a paid account. You can also cancel your trial by doing the following:

  • Go to Admin 
  • Select Billing section
  • Click on cancel your account


Tip:  To have a backup of your work, we recommend you export all your boards to Excel



Once you delete your account, you will get the option to delete all your datas. If you press ok, your data and information will be entirely removed from our system within 30 days. 

We’d love to hear your feedback on why you didn’t get along with the platform. If you're able to share this information with us, it would help us tremendously to improve as a young start-up. We hope you will check us out again in the future!