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La opción Suscribirse

The "subscribe" option allows you to stay up to date to all the updates posted on your preferred boards and items. Subscribers can be either on board or item level. Continue reading for more info 👇


Subscribe to a board

Cuando creas un tablero, te conviertes en el propietario del tablero automáticamente. Así, puedes agregar a otros miembros del equipo como suscriptores de tu tablero. También puedes convertirlos en propietarios si quieres que tengan permisos adicionales en ese tablero. 

To subscribe yourself or others to an existing board, you just need to click on the people icon located on the top right of the board as below:


Then simply add your name or any of your team members to that board. 



Unsubscribe to a board

To unsubscribe to a board, click on the people icon located on the top right of the board. Next, click on the cross next to your name to remove yourself or others. 


Note:  If you unsubscribe to a shareable or private board, you will lose access to that board and will need to be invited again.



Manage your subscribers

To manage your board subscribers, click on the people icon located on the top right of the board. There, you will be able to add or remove a user from the list. You can also turn a subscriber into an owner of the board. To learn more about board owners, check out this article



Un/Subscribe to an item

There are several ways to subscribe to an item: 

  • When you create an item, you will by default be subscribed to that item
  • When you get assigned to a task, you will automatically become a subscriber to that item

In any given time you can add new subscribers to your items or subscribe yourself to an item. Click on the three dots menu located on the upper right of the update section. Next click on manage subscribers. 


From there, you will be able to subscribe yourself and others to this item. You can unsubscribe from an item by clicking on the cross next to your name. 



How do I get notified?

When you subscribe to a board/item, you will automatically start being notified each time someone is posting an update on that board/item. Your notifications will reflect in your Inbox. You can also receive e-mail notifications if you change the settings of your e-mail preferences under your profile section.  

If you like, reply or get mentioned in a specific update, you will also receive all notifications regarding that update. You can then click the "unfollow" option if you no longer wish receiving notifications from that update. 



If you have any questions about the subscribers, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team right here. We are available 24/7 and happy to assist :)